The Missed Signs of Communication

"What do you want from me?" Elena shouts to the two familiar faces she knows as her own. 

"Why don't you stop acting like a child and fight the 'demons' that are surrounding you. You are trying to blind yourself with delusions that everything will turn out all right. But it won't, if you let everything pass by without taking any action." The eyeless copy of Elena says in aggravation, not answering Elena's question at all.

"I'm just trying to understand what is going on. No one is telling me anything and as time goes on in this freakish nightmare, and I don't know where I go from here."

"I'll make you understand." The eyeless Elena swiftly takes hold of her and takes out a knife. Forcing it through the soft flesh of her arm.

Elena lets out a cry of torturing pain.

"Now do you understand?"

"The only thing you should know for now is that you are in danger, child. You should take caution in everything you do in your waking life. Jack has left behind him ways to talk to you even after his passing. The only thing you have to do is to perceive those messages to keep yourself from danger," replies the tongueless Elena with a hollow voice. It seems that she has telepathic abilities to talk to others. Considering it is a dream, it kind of makes sense.

"But I want to know. Why are they after me? Why did they kill Jack?" tears are running down her cheeks.

"Because, child, you have been chosen."

The two Elena's vanished, dominated by an illuminating light.

It is time to wake up.


The time is 5 in the morning although the experience that Elena just had in her dreams felt like a lifetime. She immediately gets out of bed. With the help of the lights that she left on at night, she evaluates herself without knowing why. She lets out a sigh of relief and rapidly runs to the bathroom mirror to make sure everything is okay. She lets out another sigh.

“I hope this will be the end of these nightmares. I might end up dying from a heart attack.” Elena says to herself, letting out a small grin to shake off the tremors that her body is letting out from fear. To help, she opens the tap and rinses her face.

Unfortunately, it does not help as much as she expected. There is still an echo in the back of her head saying something that she cannot grasp. She can barely remember what the dream was about, but it made it clear that she is finally awake.

Elena decides to go to the kitchen to make breakfast in an attempt to forget the horrific feeling she feels; her heart is still pounding hard as if it is coming out of her chest. She turns on the television and starts her preparations.

“He won’t let you keep doing this Elena.”

Elena freezes.

She turns around and looks at the screen, her eyes wide open. The reporter was talking about taxes, but she clearly heard her name just before.

“I seriously need some sleep,” says Elena, but she did not go back to bed. Just the thought of going back to see nightmares that she could not remember and leaving her exhausted by the shaking experience is not one of her first choices. Instead, she goes back to her bedroom, wears her athletic clothes and heads to the direction of the front door to go to Lassellsville State Forest for her morning run.

As Elena steps out of the house, a truck passes with a Jackal printed on the side and above it, it writes: “You Can’t Keep Running Forever!” 

Her heart starts pounding harder. She does not know why it upsets her so much, but it forces her to run faster to the State Forest.


At the same time, in a dark room that is lit up by many computer screens and is covered by many wires that are spread carelessly on the floor, a man with dark brown hair is intently observing on a big screen that shows every angle of Elena’s home.  There are other people shuffling around behind him, trying not to stumble on the wires. One of them walks up to that man.

“Sir, operation Jackal is ready,” he pushes his glasses up to his face.

The man rests his back on the chair and places his fingers together in front of his face.


The End

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