Chapter Four:Rude BeginningsMature

An indecipherable noise began issuing from somewhere below Kristor's belt, But he was still trying to take in the horror that had unfolded in front of his eyes. Suddenly, He just couldn't stop himself, And heaved the remaining contents of his stomach on the bloody floor. "I think we should run" Whispered a voice in a corner of his mind.
Then the creature lumbered fully into view. "Too late, We're boned." Heedless of anything around him , Kristor turned and ran, slipping on the floor but continuing anyway. No sooner was he around the corner than a bolt of effervescent lighting hit the doorframe where he had been standing. Kristor was wearing rubber soled boots and was thus unimpeded by the lightning.
"Left!" Said The Elvis, Obviously somehow knowing where to go. Kristor, on the other hand, kept on running in a straight line, and threw himself into the nearest open doorway before closing it and spinning the lockwheel shut tight."Or just lock us in a room. I'm grand with that too. Not as if I've anything to live for." Sniffed The Elvis from a corner of Kristor's mind.
He turned, Barely able to think straight after all he had seen. "Arm, fight hide" He muttered softly to himself. Espying a broom handle lying on the floor, he grabbed it and cast his eyes around for something that would break if he hit it hard enough. "VENT!" He gasped, His relief palpable. "There's hope for this generation yet....." Muttered The Elvis. No sooner had Kristor started hammering at the vent than the creatures footsteps began echoing outside the door. A long, forlorn cry of utter despair punctuated with loud shattering booms as the creature pounded the door. It cried again, Louder than the last time, And Kristor felt the floor beneath him vibrate.
"FuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckFUCK!" Cried Kristor, Jabbing at the vent harder and harder each time. With the final chorus of FUCK! He smashed in the vent's grate. Suddenly the smog surrounding Kristor's mind lessened. He shook his head, Everything silent around him. How had he gotten here? All he remembered was the creature and the bodies and th-"MOVE AND MOVE NOW YOU PIECE OF SHIT OR I SWEAR EVERY TIME YOU HAVE SEX YOU'LL BE SEEING NOTHING BUT MY SWEATY BALL SACK IN YOUR FACE!" Roared The Elvis in Kristor's ears. He shook himself as the creature resumed its pounding, Even harder than before. Kristor smiled to himself for some reason, Then clambered into the vent just as the creatures cry erupted into a triumphant yell and then a saddened honk as it watched Kristor's boots disappear into the vent, out of sight

The End

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