Chapter Three:Rude AwakeningsMature

He awoke to the sight of a large, Hairy nostril clouding his vision. As he opened his eyes further, The true horror unfolded. The man creature was inches from his face,And Kristor noticed he wasn't touching the floor. The man's huge, Almost oval eyes suddenly filled Kristor's. They were filled as if from behind with lights, colours and shapes that Kristor had never imagined.
"So....How about them Redsocks?" He said, Not once blinking his huge, Multifaceted eyes.
Kristor twitched, And pulled himself from the eyes, Shutting his eyes lest he be lost forever.
"I'm going to open my eyes in three seconds. I'd very much appreciate it if you moved away when I open my eyes again." Replied Kristor.
"Fine..." Sighed the old man, And when Kristor opened his eyes again the man was at the other side of the room, Still floating in the air.
"Who are you? More importantly, What are you?" He asked, finally over his earlier dumbfoundedness (MY WORD!>:D) of the sudden appearance of the floating apparition.
"Me? I'm Elvis, man. Well no, I am many things, But what I really am is a projection of your unconscious mind sent to stop you, by artifice or design, from being killed or slipping and killing yourself. What has happened here is far, far to important for you to do something as easy as get killed before we can find someone to replace you if you do. Not that we want to replace you, Of course, But hey, Humans are as humans do, And humans have a tendency to be balls to the wall retarded. In other words, I'm a semi-corporeal imagining of your spirit, Sent by you to stop you killing you. Also, Only you can hear or see me. Those odd twitches and flicks in your head all your life? Simply me trying to imagine a way out. But that's just me rambling. Just call me Elvis, Or Elly, Or Elfin, Or Edgun, Or Edgart, Or Elvdo-"
"You say one more word and I'm breaking your arms and legs, Tying you to a boulder and then throwing you into the deepest, coldest river I can find." Snarled Kristor.
"What? That makes no sense!Firstly, We are at sea, and second. you can't kill me! I'm your mind! Killing me would be li-"
"I will find a way."
"But it's impossibl-" Replied the Elvis, A confused expression on his wrinkled features.
"I.Will.Find.A.Way." he interjected. "This is coming from the man so clearly mentally unstable that he sees his mind, Remember?" Said Kristor, Smiling despite the situation.
"Fine...Our funeral, Man" Sniffed The Elvis, Clearly put at least a little put out."Now, Back to why I'm here. You need to get to the room with the stuff and the switches, rig-One of them is fucking behind you man" The sentence ended in a breathy, Drawn out sigh.
Sure enough, Kristor heard a hiss and what sounded like teeth grinding from behind him. He grinned as the futility of the situation dawned on him. Alone on a ship full of former friends and enemies, Almost all after his blood, And best of all he wasn't even sure if he cared. He had nothing to lose. He felt as if he'd finally come into his own-And best of all, He was probably about to die.
"No sense thinking myself to death..."He muttered, And turned slowly to face the creature, Relaxing his muscles as he did so.
The creature cocked its bulbous head at him. It was horrifically stooped, Its facial features hideously conjoined into a single eye with two pupils, And a large, slavering mouth. Its nose was nowhere to be seen. It was clad in the remnants of a blue jumpsuit, Claws extending through what must have been gloves to guard against the arctic temperatures. A blood-smeared lapel pin bore the name "Timothy"
Kristor jabbed it in the eye with his truncheon, then pulled its head down into his ascending knee, followed by a barrage of punches to the eye. The creature squealed and tripped over the doorframe. Kristor fell with it, Ramming his elbow into its chest as he fell, Ending the squealing. But the thing that was Timothy was not finished. With a croak, It threw him back through the doorframe, tearing at his armour as it did so. Kristor landed awkwardly on his left hand, before collapsing into a roll.
He sprang up almost immediately, Only to find the creature already apace with him and swinging furiously with its claws, Squealing once more as it did so. Kristor dodged the blows, And bent backwards into a spine cracking aversion from a particularly quick swipe. He threw himself back up from the bend, grabbing the creature as he did so and using his momentum to slam it into the opposite wall. He grabbed its head, And quickly began to smash it into the closest wall, Again and again. The creature's squeals reached an almighty fervour, And Kristor smashed it against the wall all the harder. Eventually the squeals stopped, But Kristor did not. Eventually, Smeared in grime, blood and sweat, Not all of it his own, He staggered back from the wall, And spat on the pulped corpse.
"And now I see how you've lived this long, You angry, Angry child." Said The Elvis, Eyes somehow even wider in shock. "Now lets make like a tree and get the fuck out of here before you get pissed off at the ship and punch it to death"
And with that, He disappeared.
"Where did you go?! Kristor questioned the empty room. "Here!" Piped a voice from a corner of his mind. "And here! And here. And there. Also, There. You get the idea. I'm inside your head. Now lets get to that armoury, Sharpish."
Kristor couldn't complain about the The Elvis's reasoning, And moved off down the corridor, Listening for any movement around corners as he did so. Once or twice, He was forced to hide in the shadows or in rooms as things shuffled by, But he was largely untroubled. In no time, He reached the armoury, And was greeted with a sight almost to much for his eyes to bear.
The Captain completed his crew roster. Seventy five on the ship, Twenty on the bridge with ten survivors scattered around the ship. The rest were either dead or mutated. He returned to the cameras, Determined to check each room properly and ensure he hadn't missed any living crewmen.
He queued the armoury, kitchens and maintence corridors on the security camera computer and leaned in for a closer look
The armoury came into view. The captain suddenly choked, Shocked utterly to the core at what he was seeing. The walls were coated in blood, And the floor was strewn with lumps of unidentifiable gristle.The overhead ceiling light was hanging haphazardly out of its socket, Smeared in blood, While sparks shot from the shattered casing, And the light within struggled to keep itself powered, Blinking intermittently. The more the camera showed, The more horror the captain saw. Darker blood smeared the floor, And an enormous creature was tearing at a pile of corpses, Evidently piled there for its own enjoyment as it tore each one limb from limb and seemed to play with the torn off parts, Smearing them on the walls, Punching them together and sometimes tearing at them with its teeth. The Captain considered himself lucky to only be able to see the things enormous head and bloated, corposant(unsure) body. A blue haze surrounded the thing, And any sparks from the ceiling light that landed near it seemed to just absorb into the haze.
Suddenly, The Captain remembered. Kristor. He scrambled for his radio, And immediately began talking. "Kristor, Listen to me, You need to stay away from the armoury, There is something in there, something evi-" Then a huge globule of vomit appeared on screen, Emanating from the doorway and smattered all over the already blood slicked floor. The Captain lowered the radio. "Too late now" He said, Not taking his eyes of the enormous creature, As it turned slowly toward the door.

The End

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