Chapter TwoMature

Chapter two-
Why, I hear you ask, Why would a shipping hauler have a security detail? Why indeed, For that is a valid question, Though a question for which I do not feel I can answer as well as it needs to be. Now let us continue to the story, And see what details unfold themselves.....

Kristor stepped into the hallway. The smell seemed no less invasive, And the hallway much more frightening without the light. Led by the narrow beam of his torch, He continued down the hallway, Towards the stairs down which the monstrous perversion of the ships doctor had fallen. Kristor hoped that the creature was dead, Or had dragged itself away to a dark corner to lick its wounds. The flashlight stabbed into the foot of the stairwell, Illuminating a greasy green streak where he presumed the creature had fallen. There were greasy streaks leading away and around the corner. He descended the stairs slowly, Avoiding the greasy puddles of what must be the creatures blood.
When he reached the corner, He put his back to the wall and sidled to the corner. There was no noise aside from all to loud breathing. He rounded the corner, Taser at the ready....Only to be confronted by an empty corridor and another streak of grease, This time heading into the darkened generator room to his left. Right where he needed to go. The rubber ball lay opposite the doorway, And he bent to inspect it with his baton. It seemed intact. As he bent to retrieve it, A low squeal sounded from the doorway, And something moved out of the corner of his vision. He swung with the baton, And managed to hit the creature. It mewled and collapsed on the decking, Seemingly incapacitated or killed. Kristor was not so sure. He began to pound the creatures head with his baton, Reducing it to a fleshy puddle of pulped verdegris in no short time.
Stepping over the pole that had transfixed the beast, Kristor entered the generator room. The emergency light was blinking an angry red, And he stepped over to the control panel and input the reboot codes. The generators hummed as they returned to life, And the lights above him flickered before returning to a steady glow. He breathed a sigh of relief, And was about to turn when he heard the clicking again. Determined not to be transfixed again, He spun around to face the creature,bringing his taser up to shoulder height as he did so...Only to skid forward on a slick of greasy effluent left by the ships doctor and fall, with a loud crack, on the floor.

Kristor dreamed. For the first time since his tenth birthday, He dreamed.
The things he saw still haunt him to this day.
A world aflame.
An ancient evil, As old as it is terrible, Seared its name into his mind.
"C'th'eldor......" It seemed to hiss gently, Looming before his unconscious mind like a behemoth of legend.
It opened his mind. Laid it bare, Seeing deeper into him than he knew existed.
It saw everything he had done, All he had accomplished, All of his disappointments, All those he had slighted and failed, His loves, His hates... All in a moment.
The vision contorted and took a new form. A worl- No, His world, clad no more in life and sea, But flame and death, Its life stripped from it, Leaving naught but barren rock and shambling hulks that had once been alive, Wandering the storm wracked land for evermore, Living things perverted to the purpose of this foul god.
The being turned to him, Though how he knew he could not say, As he was blind.
"You are the one." It stated. It was not a question, But a statement.
"The one one who will create...Who will destroy...Who will die. For naught. Enjoy your.....Life....While you can...For it shall not last"
And with that, The reality around Kristor began to crumble and collapse, And he remembered no more.
With a gasp, He awoke. He was alone as far as he could tell. A voice crackled over the intercom.
"Kristor, Wake up! Now is not the time to be sleeping!I need you up, And I need you up now!"
Groaning, He raised himself into a sitting position, Shook his head and got to his feet. The electricity was still working, At least.
He hit the talk button on the intercom. "Captain? Do you have cameras online again?"
"Of course I do! Now I need you to-" Replied the captain.
No, listen to me! How long could you see me for? Was there anything near me when you saw me? Did you see me fall?" Questioned Kristor, Panic rising in his voice despite his best attempts to conceal it.
"What are you talking about? The cameras have just come online, And you've fallen in a pile of shit and knocked yourself out! What am I supposed to think? That you tried to defend yourself from some horrific apparition? There is nothing anywhere near you on the cameras, Nothing at all. You slipped. Deal with it." Snarled the captain.
Kristor sighed. "You don't understand captain...I heard something. It...It came behind me and I turned to face it. That's when I fell. "
"Regardless, YOU have a job to do and people to save. I need you to get down to the chief security officers armoury and load up as many weapons as you can. Then I need you back here. Things have calmed down on the bridge, But the outside is not looking good. I have three sections of the ship with survivors still alive, And they need assistance if they don't want to end up like the others who holed up elsewhere..... I want you back here so you can get a few men and get them back to us." Replied the captain.
"Are there any survivors near me?" Asked Kristor.
The captain laughed. "There were, But the creatures have since gotten to them. Why you are alive, I have no idea. But the cameras show they are moving towards the survivors as if drawn to them. Some are starting to congregate at the lift to the bridge a group of them have started hitting clawing at the controls....I need you here, And you need to hurry if we are going to save those survivors"

"We my bollox, Captain, I'm the one doing this work and I'll do it my way. You can do what you want to me after this but rest assured you'll be alive to do it!" Snarled Kristor.
"I won't write you up. Not that I could do anything. Just get those alive back to us.....Do it any way you want. Just get it done. Captain out"
With a long, drawn-out sigh, Kristor moved away from the intercom and to the doorway. He froze. In the hallway were two long, Ragged gashes in the deck plate, As if something had fallen from the ceiling and dragged its claws along the floor before leaving. Almost like it had marked its territory. He was sure the marks hadn't been there before, He would have noticed them. So he hadn't imagined the noise....If that were true, He didn't want to think what that meant about the dream.
"Totally rad, dude."
Kristor turned slowly. An old, Bespectacled man cartwheeled slowly in mid air to face him. His tie dyed shirt billowed around his skinny frame, As if he was in a strong gale.
"I do, Of course mean YOU are totally rad. As in radical. Not to sure how you're still alive really."
"Kristor backed towards the wall, His hands flat against the warm metal.
"Well? Why are you looking at me like I'm some sort of mutated Russian toy from a Walmart miscellany bin?"
Kristor had no words.
"Seriously, Are you retarded or something?"
Kristor managed to shake his head slowly. The man hadn't stopped rotating. He simply sat in the middle of the room, Spinning slowly and held up by some unknown force that superseded gravity.
"What? What can you possible find disturbing about an old man spinning slowly in the middle of a room? Be thankful I lost the tentacles"
Something in Kristor finally came back to its senses "No. This just isn't right. I'm sorry. I can't take this much weirdness in such a small timeframe. This is just to much."

The End

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