Ever Wondered why the sky is blue ? I do everyday, sometimes i wonder why it isn't red or green or some other colour that we know of, that doesn't explain why the clouds that come full of rain/snow or even the stormy ones look so horrible and depressing, what did we do to deserve that? is somebody trying to tell us something ?

As being human comes to be no surprise, i have come to learn something important about our species, we can be so nice at one point in time but we are a sickening species destroying everything we come to love, including our own planet. We are a greedy species, money is our only object in life we need it for almost everything...whats the point in that? surely we are all entitled to free resources across our world ? To live peacefully with the other living creatures that surround us ? How would we feel to be slaughtered alive? I know i would hate it with a passion! What did the animals across this Globe do to us that was so bad! So Wrong !

One Day I Hope to understand the impossible things in life, the ups and downs, the arguments and the backstabbing, and maybe then i will realize what i am meant to do with my life, the pain and the happiness even the let downs.

The End

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