20 Ways to make the ice caps melt faster!Mature

1. how old is that blowdryer? use that!

2. move south east asia and all those places to the glaciers!  just change that damn map around!

3. create your own natural disaster.  tsunamis and tornadoes and things like that will work.

4.  convince even more people that global warming is real and happening.  they will create more pollution strictly out of fear and not even know it.

5. just wait.  its possibly happening anyways.

6. move a hippie town there.  the smoke alone will create melting properties.

7.  sit your ass on it.  bums are warm!

8. ask people to pee on them.  even though thats not nice

9.  have a woodstock show an ongoing occurence on glaciers.

10.  call the government.  they'll have ideas and they will help.

11. build prisons.

12. build the world's largest skating rink.

13. see # 5

14. its happening anyways isnt it?  check your endangered species list.

15. littter as much as you can

16. do everything you can to make the world worse.  litter.  smoke. drive a gas guzzler. use plastic. kill fish. dont recycle. heat up the planet!

17. be a skeptic.

18.  say eff you to solar power!

19.  start a campfire colony

20. acknowledge it i guess!

21. light a joint and relax~ do your part.

The End

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