20 ways to blow the minds of others.Mature

1. Random acrobatics: front flips in the supermarket, aerials down the sidewalk, and back flips in the restaurant.

2. Switch instantly back and forth between Mandarin and French while talking to tourists.

3. Casually walk into a random house, sit down in their living room, put your feet up, and start watching television.

4. Set up a three course meal in a movie theatre, complete with decorative candles and a tablecloth.

5. Try to shoplift a 14 inch frozen pizza.

6. Hold up a bank with a bow and arrow.

7. Take out a bottle of rum on a driver's test.

8. Go to a grocery store and start juggling produce.

9. On a hot day, go and sit inside a freezer at the grocery store.

10. Hijack a tour bus full of Japanese tourists, and attempt to drive it to Vegas.

11. Dig up your front lawn and plant wheat.

12. Eat your neighbor's flowers while they're sitting on their porch.

13. Play dead when your boss gets angry at you.

14. Go streaking across an ice rink during a professional hockey game...Go streaking at a rodeo in the bullpit.

15. Start teaching advanced quantum mechanics as a street busker.

16. Dress up and go trick-or-treating in the middle of June.

17. Have a bubble bath in the park fountain.

18. Go kayaking in the park fountain.

19. Write a novel in Klingon.

20. Start a food fight in a grocery store.

The End

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