20 Things You Wish You Hadn't Said.Mature

1.  Honey, you should make more male friends.

2. Betcha I can beat that cop to the stop sign!

3. I'm not gonna lie.  I've had better.

4.  We should go camping, just before your period!

5. Smoking's cool!

6. You're definitely not as fat as she is.

7.  Go ahead, tough guy, take your best shot!

8.  I want to be a writer.

9.  Babysit for a weekend?  I'd be glad to!

10.  I'm voting for George Bush.

11.  Supersize it!

12,  Naaah, we'll just wait unil  the long weekend to fill the tank.

13.  I think you're sister is extremely attractive.

14.  I think your daughter is extremely attractive.

15.  More jalapenos please.

16.  Sure, I can start on Monday. 

17.  I do.

18.  C'mon, baby, it's like wearing a raincoat in the shower!

19.  10000 shares of Enron!  Now!  Buy!  Buy!  Buy!

20.  It was nice.  Sure, I'll give you my number!

The End

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