20 Ways to Be a Social OutcastMature

1. stop showering.

2. pick your nose in front of people.  but be sure that they notice you doing it.

3.stare at people until they get so uncomfortable they have to look away.

4. send obsessive love notes to your crush.  sign your name at the bottom.  spray the notes with perfume and seal them with lipstick kisses.

5. let your nose run, and dont bother to wipe it.

6. write a hit list.

7. bark like a dog at people.

8. eat your lunch everyday in a bathroom stall.  in the opposite sex's bathroom.

9.  get pregnant while you're still in high school.

10. wear very mismatched clothes

11. tell everyone you're a practicing witch.

12. make sure your hairstyle resembles that of someone who  stuck their hand in an electrical outlet.

13.  spit on the floor.

14.  share your conspiracy theories with people.

15. allow yourself to be walked all over by others

16. if you're a boy, paint your nails and wear black eyeliner and mascara.

17. if you're a girl wear boy's clothes.  cut your hair like a boy's.

18.  always look awful

19. come out of the closet.

20.  and of course....dare to be different.

The End

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