20 Ways to Show You're a ''New Man''Mature

  1. Don't just tell her you've changed. Actions speak louder than words.
  2. No, not those kinds of actions, you pervert!
  3. Even if it was only intended to be a one-night stand, have the decency to call her afterwards.
  4. Feel genuine regret, for once. You are human, and thus you're theoretically capable.
  5. Keep apologizing even after she kicks you in the 'nads.
  6. Promise to make it up to her.
  7. Make it up to her. (See 8 through 20.)
  8. Pick her up at seven o'clock, on time.
  9. Tell the waiter both dinners are on your card; but not because you want into her pants.
  10. No, keep that to yourself. The waiter does not need to know whether your intentions are honourable.
  11. Compliment something about her that is not superficial.
  12. Now, try again. Perhaps something that is not so cliché?
  13. Keep your eyes away from her cleavage for the entire evening. It's not that hard to make eye contact, is it?
  14. While she's gone off to the bathroom, order the most decadent chocolate dessert on the menu -- as a surprise!
  15. Only ask for one serving, but ask for two forks.
  16. Ask her if she enjoyed the meal.
  17. Avoid drinking so that you may offer to drive her home.
  18. At the very least, offer to pay her cab fare.
  19. If she invites you in, don't say, "Ladies first!"
  20. Just cuddle. You're not sexual objects. No, contrary to popular belief, your balls will not fall off.
The End

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