20 Ways To Be A Non Conformist.Mature

1. Wear odd socks.

2. Learn a new language for the hell of it.

3. Remove all the televisions from your house.  If that seems impossible, at least get rid of the one in your bedroom.

4. Give a homeless person a $20 bill; tell them to have some fun.

5. Go to a movie by yourself.

6. Wear a hawaiian shirt and shorts in the middle of winter.

7. Call in to work one day: "I won't be in today as my pet ants are very sick."

8. Pick up litter instead of walking over it. 

9. If someone is rude or mean to you, simply smile and remember that anger gets you no where. (Plus, people really hate it when you're nice to them when they're trying to be rude to you.)

10. Don't be a slave to the 'hot new diet'.

11. When you go to someone's house, go into their office, find a box of new envelopes and lick them all shut.

12. Take a cold shower every now and then.

13. "I won't be in today as my bed is feeling rather lonely.  I'm going to keep it company."

14. Don't just want to live in the world; want to be a part of it.

15. Take your pet fish for a walk one day; bowl and all. 

16. Wear a bikini, even when you don't have that 'perfect body'.

17. Go to an old age home and just visit, even though you don't know anyone.

18. Talk to yourself often and outloud.

19. "I won't be in today as my toaster needs to be repaired."

20. Don't get a tattoo.

The End

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