20 Ways to Show Someone You REALLY Love ThemMature

1.You wake up before them so that you can gaze on them lovingly and are there for them the moment they wake up to please them in anyway you can.

2. You kiss them anywhere and every where when ever you can.

3.You will wash out their under wear even if they've messed themselves after a massive serving of "All Bran", by hand if necessary.

4. You'll give them anything they want that's yours to give including organs or bone marrow should circumstances demand it.  Unless it goes against their beliefs.

5. You'll wear anything they give you, no matter how little you really like it, even though you know that it will make you the butt of jokes.

6. You don't even think of looking at anyone else, because you can't anyway.

7. By still  being kind to them even when they tell you to go jump in a river with a brick tied around your neck.

8.You accept that everyone is cringing as you exchange loving words to each other at every available opportunity.

9. By being with them when ever you can, if that's what they want.

10. By being a snuggly pillow for them. Ah!

11. When they're ill or old and decrepit, you're still as attentive as you were when they were young and healthy.

12.You're all too keen to work your way through the Karma Sutra with them.

13.You look after yourself in every sense, so that they don't have to worry about you.

14.By loving the smell of their sweat and not minding the smell of their farts.

15. In wanting to have babies with them.

16. If you're female, by putting up with the skin being worn away from your nose and chin through constant kissing, which is akin to being rubbed down with a scourer.

17. Being prepared to wait for them for as many years, decades it might take.

18. Still loving them even if their face turns into the face of a dog fish and their brain capacity degenerates to that of a sea urchin.

19. By cooking them a delicious meal (Not very funny, but true!). Seven days a week with only a burp for thanks.

20. If you're male, by putting up with her pre menstral behaviour.


The End

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