how to prove you are the smartest person aliveMature

  1. Recite the periodic table forwards and backwards
  2. Solve world hunger before lunch
  3. Write a sequel to every major work of literature in the style of the original.
  4. Know how to speak (fluently) every language in the world.
  5. Speak fluent Klingon too.
  6. Defeat Lord Voldemort (before Harry Potter did)
  7. Invent Time Travel
  8. Solve the problem of ''which came first - the chicken or the egg''
  9. Drop buttered toast and make it always land butter side up
  10. Make the trains run on time.
  11. Write a song that goes straight to the top of the charts in every country.
  12. Win friends and influence everyone.
  13. Beat all chess Grand Masters.
  14. Finish all the Unfinished Symphonies.
  15. Design socks for babies, that never fall off.
  16. Find a cure for every disease.
  17. Find a solution to Global Warming
  18. Invent self-cleaning clothes.
  19. Write the funniest joke ever
  20. Do all of the above and remain humble
The End

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