How to prove that you are Pre menstral.Mature

1. Cry in public

2. Call in sick to work.  tell your boss its cramps and he can get fucked.

3. Start to take mood stabilizers

4. Stock up on feminine products- its going to be a long 5 to 8 days

5. Buy a bottle of ibuprofen and a bottle of Midol

6. Wear your least attractive pair of underwear

7. Pick a fight with your boyfriend.  Just because you want to be a bitch.

8. then pick a fight with the dog.  Atleast he doesn't talk back

9. make someone give you a full body massage.  You deserve it.

10. Dont take no for an answer

11. Eat whatever you want.  And eat lots

12. Buy chocolate in bulk.  Eat it all.

13.  use menstruation as your excuse for everything.  I mean everything.

14. Sleep all day.

15. remember that your life sucks.

The End

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