2 A.M., Purgatory Diner (2)Mature

Adam tied on his apron. He didn’t look at anyone. Not at Jimmy washing dishes. Not at Angelo scraping the grill clean. Not even at Lynda, who just stood at the door to the dining room watching him expectantly.

Adam just walked past her and into the dining room.

The girl would have been impossible to miss, even if she wasn’t the only other person in the diner. She was alone, but instead of taking a discreet corner booth, she opted for a table in the center of the room. She was in a billowing satin wedding gown, and although she wasn’t crying at the moment, her makeup indicated that she had shed tears very recently.

We don’t get a lot of customers on graveyard, Adam mused, But why are the ones we get always characters?

Adam took a menu from the pocket and brought it to her.

The End

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