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Sparks fly when Jennifer Linden returns to the once - small - now - mid sized town where she grew up. The author of 3 runaway best sellers in the romance market is coming out for the first time and it's her first big assignment as a TV reporter. For the first time, she'll get in front of the camera! The mysterious writer is not only a man; it's the man she left behind! She'd left him and taken their 21/2 wk. old son to live with her sister in the city when he'd refused to go there when

First big break

Jennifer Linden settled into her chair behind the desk she'd held for nearly tow years now, an assistant for cable station KLAT and scanned the screens tidy rows for something, anything (!) wothwhile to suggest to put on the air! No luck, the traffic was flowing like syrup, slowly and steadily, no accidents, no politicians in hot water, (what a miracle) and the weather was showing little signs of getting nasty. Drat! She'd have to look harder! Well, that was what she was paid (almost enough in her estimation) for. Her sons face beamed at her from the framed picture on the desk, along with the little potted plant that always seemed to be nearly dead till someone poured Chai tea in the pot. She didn't much care for Chai tea but Elmer - the  - plant did. Go figure.

Someting did come up though, Heartthrob Publishing was (at last) unveiling its latest hottest author; a myserious person who only used the name of Jayden as a nom-de-plume. Jayden could be either male or female, though the blogs were rife with specdulation as to "her" life, it being thought "impossible" that any male could write that sensitive a romance story!

Barney French, the long suffering chief of the station came in almost at that moment and app;ointed HER as the interviewer for this person!

"The rest of the crews are out on assignments, and so it's your turn. It's your old home town anyway so you shoud feel right at home. Get a truck and a couple of helpers and get going!"

This was wonderful and dreadful at the same time. Time in front of the camera! Wonderful! Now everyone would know how good she was! Time in front of the camera! EEEKK! Suppose I blow it? Lessons from the night classes at Community college came back. Time to put them to use.  

The End

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