1st chapter to the key to freedom

a young girl and her brothers hardships

Richard don’t, she’s just a child!”My uncle’s hand comes back from my face and smacks my Aunt Miriam’s head, knocking her into the wall. I dodge another hit as he pins me in a corner. As he strikes me repeatedly with his clenched fists, my head spins I try to remember what my life was like before mom and dad had died in that car crash. He’s about to hit again but the door bell rings and Jonathan comes out of the corner to answer it. Uncle Richard jolts toward the door shoving Jonathan to the ground.

“What,” my uncle says in a grim voice wiping my blood from his knuckles.

The man begins to speak with a worried expression on his face. I quickly grab a cloth hanging by the furnace and clean up the glass that has been scattered across the floor. I look up to see Jonathan rush over to my aunt and cradle her hands. Frightened I sneak over and examine her wounds.

Miriam has been beaten all her life and has always recovered quickly. Over the past few days she has become more weak and ill. Despite all her symptoms, Uncle Richard refuses to bring her to a doctor let alone leave the house.

"Are you okay aunt miriam," I bent down as she grasped my hand. i knew she was in pain and her desperate look i saw in her eyes made me want to cry. She pulled me closer to her and began to whisper in my ears.

As she took a thin rope that had bean tied around her neck and handed it to me, I caught a glimpse of a golden key. Not noticing that I had beagun to cry,my aunt gathered me in her  arms and spoke,"hush my dear child, you must quickly gather your things and go. you dont have much time." her words were soft and weak.

i gazed into her eyed until that desperate look faded and all that was left was the glow from the tears that had gathered in her eyes.

The End

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