Chapter 4

The final beating happened on the 29th July 1885, my 6 month milestone. My father was out managing the factories, and had foolishly left Robert and Caroline on their own with me.

It’s terrible that I had grown used to the constant beatings at the hands of my siblings. I cried less now, thinking that life was like this, but I was generally a naïve child, as were my siblings, and I forgive them for what they did. If anything, they did me good by releasing me from the horrors of life which were yet to come.

Around 3 O’clock in the afternoon, my siblings carried out their ritual of hitting me around. I had become stronger, and refused to cry.

My siblings noticed this, and retaliated to my resistance by upping their game. I wasn’t expecting this, but Caroline, resorting to the innocence that I had seen in her the first time we met, picked me up and cradled me in her arms. I felt relaxed, and my naivety led me to believe that my torture was over, that Caroline had had an epiphany, and was now my saviour from the horrors of Robert Browning.

Indeed, he lunged at Caroline after a minute of her cradling me. She flinched and I fell hard on the floor. I felt some sort of liquid pour from my head. I squirmed round and realised it was red. A natural human reaction is to fear red, and this time was no exception, so I wailed so loud that my siblings had to cover their ears. I was in such agony that I wasn’t aware of anything happening outside, or even inside these four walls.

I was only conscious to my anguish and my siblings fighting. Caroline screamed something like: “Why did you do that? He’s a baby, and we’ve made his life a misery so far. I was trying to change it, by now father will see this, and punish us both greatly”

Robert snapped back with “He killed our mother. He’s stressing father and made his life a daily struggle. It’s best that we hurt him the way he hurt our father!”

He didn’t wait for Caroline’s reply, and stamped on my leg, breaking it. My agony was increased twofold, and the action sent more blood gushing out of me. I felt fatigued, and the pain started ebbing away ever so slowly.

Caroline was once again put in the situation where she had to either beat me or get beaten herself. This time, I was scared, as I knew that last time she was in this situation, she became Robert's assistant.

Once again, the monotony of the situation turned her against me, but this time, she was more reluctant. She kicked me on my side, and I turned over, landing face-first in the pool of my own blood.

I breathed in, and suddenly, everything went black. My pain had gone. I heard no noise, no crying, no screaming, nothing. I was dead.

The End

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