Chapter 2

That night, my father placed me in some sort of cage with a comfortable bottom, which grew on me, and I buried myself in the loose folds of cloth to try and gain warmth. I managed to bury myself completely under, but I was quickly pulled upwards by my brother who had managed to find me. The shock of the situation scared me, and my habit of crying started again. I gazed at the person who struck me earlier with fear, and tried to recoil. I heard the stomping of running footsteps, and I fell back into my comfortable cage.

My brother put on an innocent face, and lied to my father, saying “I only poked him to see if he was awake and he started crying.”

My father, being the lenient type, accepted this testimony, and followed my brother out of the room, leaving me wailing in shock, my neck sore from whiplash.

I eventually fell into the second sleep of my life, and awoke to a silent room. I lay there for about 20 minutes, but the eeriness of the silence scared me, so I made myself known the only way I knew how.

Like Déjà vu of the previous night, I heard frantic footsteps nearing my room, but they were not my father’s. Instead, Robert and Caroline ran in to see if I was alright, or so I thought.

They grinned at each other menacingly, and I heard Robert say “We can have fun with this”.

For a second, I lay there wondering what they meant, but I found out as Robert proceeded to strike me on the stomach once again. I wailed for my father to aid me in this time of need, but he never came.

I noticed that the smile from Caroline’s face disappeared when Robert repeated his violent manoeuvre, and that she was distressed by my pleas for mercy. I knew that she was the only person who could help me now.

I looked at her helplessly as Robert struck me for a third time, and she got my facial message and tried to stop Robert’s behaviour by pushing him away.

However, this only made Robert angrier, and he turned on his twin sister. He kicked her around the room until she said she would join in the tyrannical play of her brother. I figured that the only way she could end her sorrow was to raise mine. I accepted this, as in my short life I had grown a liking to my sister, and was willing to suffer for her wellbeing.

The inevitable came after 5 long minutes of tension, but I felt a jolt of pain go through me, and, try as I might, I couldn’t stop my wailing.

The thing that did surprise me was when Caroline hit me again, and I heard Robert encouraging her by shouting things like “He killed your mother!”

I heard a slam in the background and suddenly my father came back from work to the scene of Caroline in mid swing, aiming for my head this time.

His face said more than can ever be said to try and sum up his disgust in his children. It was so menacing that it scared even me. Robert and Caroline backed away from my comfortable cage which I called my place of rest.

My father looked down upon me from above, and saw my stomach, as red as blood. His face went the same colour when he looked up at my torturers.

At this point, he shouted words which children of my sibling’s age shouldn’t hear. He held them prisoner in my room until his lecture had finished, and then said that they would not eat for the rest of the day, and banished the daemons to their rooms.

Face still livid, he picked me up and tried to soothe my sorrows. I knew that he was the only person who could save me from the treachery of my siblings, and I felt scared when he eventually put me down in my cot and tried to lull me to sleep.

The End

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