about turning 18

June 12th 09

Finaly it is my 18th b-day i might actually be allowed out of my house. Though i doubt it very much my parents are how do you say OTT protective. Its like "but mum 13 year olds get to stay out later than me" (My curfew is 9!) and then she is like "that is cos their mums dont care what happens to them", and she walks off. When she walks off it is like end of discussion and i just go sit in my room and listen to music or play on my console which i am sooo bored of! I WANT TO GO OUT!  is what my head has been screaming for years, cos like my mates have like all abondoned me cos i ain't ever allowed out and so now cos i can never go out when they ask they never ask so i like got no mates sept like one or too the ones who know it aint my fault, that it is easier for me to be good and do as i am told it saves the drama. You know if i like rebelled like my mates all did i would like not be alive today or i would be living with my dad and his wife which would be ok at first but they are such clean freaks i can not even manage a week at thiers sometimes. Also i would like have to move away from me mates and my school and start a new i aint good at first impressions so it would like be a nightmare!

But yer like i am 18 today though I am having like a kiddies party no alcohol or nuffin but dont matter i will make the most of it have to right?

Ok well diary i am off now gotta get ready for my big b day i will tell you about it tomoz xx

The End

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