16 Letters to my Love

Prince Hiko is an 18 year old, on the verge of preparing to rule the Celestial Kingdom. In his kingdom, the punishment for homosexuality is death, and he has long hidden his own secret of being gay. He lives a secret romantic life with his servant, which has gone on for three years. When the unthinkable happens, Hiko writes 16 letters, one each day, to his lover, Lucifer.

You flew into my arms and kissed me; it was your boldest move in a long time. My eyes widened. I was slow to react. Your sweet tongue had just slid into my mouth when we heard the voice.

"Freeze, you sick little servant!" There was nothing kind in his voice. I pushed you away from me and acted shocked and frazzled; no need for both of us to die. My eyes filled with tears as he "consoled" me, and he took you, my dearest, away.

The End

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