"You selfish cow!" I screamed back at the person in the doorway. My mother stood there, looking bored rather than upset - I was being dragged away by two strange men and my own mother looked bored. Such a loving person.

"Bye Jai." She said walking back into the house and shutting the door behind her.

"You evil cow, you never cared about me did you?" I yelled, giving up and allowing them to put me in the backseat of the car. I wound down the window after trying the door - they had put the childlock on it. "I hope you die a horrible death." I shouted, instantly regretting it as the neighbour's curtains twitched.

The window wound itself up then. I turned to glare at the men in the front who had turned to watch me. "Seat belt boy, not like we are going to crash." The nastier of the two snarled. They turned back around in sync, and the car growled as we pulled away from the house I had spent my life in.

"So where you taking me?" I asked, leaning back in the seat, watching trees pass the windows so fast they blurred into a green wall - we had got out of the city limits very fast.

The one I had decided was the nicest turned and spoke. "Somewhere to get you trained up." Trained up? It sounded like he meant an army camp or something. He smiled at me as if he had heard my thoughts. "You know what you can do. And that is what you must be trained because of." He turned to face the front again.

"What the hell? That doesn't make any sense!" I burst, but neigher reacted. "Don't you have a radio in this thing?" The silence was annoying me.

The nasty driver sounded like he was having fun when he answered. "There's an ipod in the back of my chair. It has been filled according to your preferences."

Again with them claiming to know about me - they didn't know me! Out of the seat I pulled out a battered ipod classic - I jammed the earphones in and put it on shuffle, quickly turning the volume up to full. The nasty freak appeared to be right... looking through, it had all my favourites on - every album I owned, every song I had ever learnt on my guitar, everything I had ever heard live at gigs.

"Who are you people...?" I whispered, and they froze.

The End

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