And You Are?Mature

"Jai, you left the light on again!" was my usual wake up call. This morning was no different.

"I'm coming." I mumbled, knowing that if she heard me or not wouldn't matter - she would be at the door in a moment to see why I hadn't already got downstairs.

I pulled my battered jeans on, threw on an equally battered old Iron Maiden top, and fastened my watch on. Then I stepped back.

"Three, two, one..." I muttered under my breath. Dead on cue, the door burst open.

"Jai, get downstairs." The woman I was forced by nature to call my mother yelled, despite being stood less than six feet away from me. Then she turned and walked out.

"Yes mother." I said sourly. Checking she had gone all the way down, I shut the door and called into the en-suite. "She's gone, you can come out now."

Slowly, the most beautiful girl I had ever met stepped out of the small connected room. "And you get that every morning?" She asked, sounding afraid of the answer.

"Yeah, but not every morning do I have the pleasure of you hiding in my bathroom." I wrapped my arms around her waist, stared deep into her big green eyes and kissed her. "Now, I'm going to have to deal with what ever she's cooked this morning." I stuck my head out the window, and seeing the coast was clear, helped her out onto the trellis. I couldn't remember what had happened last night, or what her name was. Only that she was mine. Hyptotism was a talent of mine, so I knew that she would be mine until I released her mind.

Some people used swirls, others a pendulum - I used my eyes to capture and lips to seal the deal, as it were.

"Jai!" The bellow echoed through the house. Now it was time to face the mother.

"What?" I said, pushing the kitchen door open fiercely. I froze when I saw two men sat at the kitchen table, drinking something that stank of rotting flesh. "What's going on?" I stood my ground in the doorway as the men turned and stared at me.

"Are you Jai Collinson?" The paler of the two asked. He repeated himself when I didn't answer. "Boy, are you Jai Collinson?"

"What if I am?" They didn't look like cops, and if they were I didn't know what I had done at the party last night that could have been illegal. I shrugged.  “No my name is Aaron Buchanan, what’s the deal?” I said sarcastically. The other man stood up, putting his cup of liquefied rotting flesh down.

“We are wasting time here. Jai Collinson, you are coming with us.” He made a move to grab my arm. 

“I’ve told you, my name is Aaron!” I knew that wouldn’t change what they intended to do, what ever that was, but it bought me some time. He paused and I stepped back. Moving towards the stairs, with the intention of climbing out my window and escaping this place, the man spoke again.

“Young man, I know exactly who Aaron Buchanan is.” He said, diving forwards and grabbing my wrist. “I am aware of your musical taste Mr Collinson. As for this house, I believe it is time you left.” Forget leaving, this weirdo claimed he knew who my idol was.

“You know nothing about me.” I tried to shake his hand off to no avail.

"You'd be suprised young man."

The End

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