Locked out

I guess that is what happens when you hold your breath too long. I just sat there. This weird feeling in the pit of my stomach would not go away. The oxygen didn't seem to be helping it, so I slowly get up and start walking back to my towel. I get to my towel and wrap it around my prize. Then I put the bundle back under the rock. Then I run for the tides.

After a good, long practice, I unroll my towel carefully. Then I spread the towel on the sandy shore, while I sit down with my treasure. After closer inspection, I realize that the stones really are marbles. smooth, even though dry. Soft even though hard. Almost magic, almost entrancing. They are beautiful, but the main focus of the necklace is the charm. It appears to be silver. And it is shaped like a dolphin. my most favorite animal ever. There is only one possible explanation. This necklace was somehow made for me.

The blue and white pinball sized marbles were awe inspiring. The perfectly crafted dolphin amazed me. When I got up, I wrapped it back up in my towel so no one else could see it. My mom would probably take it from me saying that it is too fine for "barely a teenager" to have.

I took my coddled prize up to the back door. Only to find it locked. I guess my mom must have locked it accidentally. So I started looking for the key my dad always keeps in a plant. He thinks that plants are innocent and that no one would look for a key there. No key in any of the potted plants. I guess that we haven't here long enough for him to hide one here.

The End

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