Don't Slip

There is some thing about the water that calms my most frazzled nerves. It is almost as if I was born to swim. My coach back in Montana, always called me a fish. Seriously, every day he would give me another fish name. I think some of the younger kids on the team thought I actually was part fish. They were always asking if they could see my scales.

I saw the little rocky peninsula and ran to it. Then I stopped short. there was the most beautiful necklace I had ever seen on the very tip. But I had to be careful. The rocks looked very slippery. I started slowly towards the string of beads. Finally, I reached a necklace. The cool sliminess of marble sized stone coated with the sea spray.

When I tried to pick it up, it slipped into the frothy ocean. I was so entranced that there was no thought. I simply dived in after it. As the silky smooth texture enveloped my body, I opened my eyes. It was so clear under the surface, that I could immediately see the shimmering silver charm.

I have a talent that some people call amazing. I can open my eyes under water. hat in and of itself, is not really that rare, but I can do it in the ocean and it doesn't hurt my eyes. So, since I could see the charm leading the way to the bottom of the sea, I reached out a hand to catch it.

When I made contact with the beads, I felt a little tingle go through my fingertips. I grasped the necklace and started to rise for air. By the time I made it to air, the tingle had multiplied and spread out. Now it was up to my elbow. I lifted my head out of the water and raised my body onto a rock.

The End

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