I really cant hold a grudge for too long, so I was soon over my mother's attitude. When I was done brooding over the double pain, I told my mom, "I want my room painted." My mom actually had to ask, "What color?" "Blue!" It is the only possible answer. It surprised me that she had to ask. Blue is the only color for me. I am blue crazy. The only blue I don't like is blu cheese. And magenta does not cut it for a blue loving girl.

After lunch, I decided to take a walk on the beach. Back in my room, I put on a suit and sunscreen. On the way down stairs, I hear a giggle. My sister is in her room. "What's up, Izzabel?" I asked my five-year-old sister. She loved dolls and I could tell that's what she was doing. Her long blonde hair made a curtain over her plastic baby. We look nothing alike. Besides the eight year difference in age, my hair is brown. And it is very curly. It has grown 2 sizes since we moved here.

Izzabel said, "I'm playing mommy. Do you want to play too?" When she looked up she had the big puppy dog eyes. Unfortunately for her, it did not even faze me. "No, I'm going to the beach." "Ohhhh, Seraphena, can I come? Please, please, please, please, please?" This was greeted by dead silence. I should have known better than to tell her that. Now I was at war with myself. on one hand, I wanted to be alone. On the other hand, my mom will get mad if I don't include my sister. Now there is only one way to get out of this. "I am going to find a sea monster." I knew as soon as I said it that it was mean. But it worked. The look of terror that flitted across Izzabel's face made me want to leave even more.

"Bye, Izzabel!" Before anyone could tell me to stop, I was down the stairs, out the door and running down the sand. The towel I had remembered to grab was around my neck. Like so many swimmers before me, I was ready. Once I was at the waters edge, I immediately began to feel better. I dropped my towel and placed a rock on top so it wouldn't blow away. Then I ran. I love the way the water makes me feel.

The End

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