Mac & Cheese

I sighed as I glared at the walls of my new room. Who ever had lived here before me, had serious issues. Who would pick a color this horrid with out a brain problem. really, magenta? How could anyone live in a place surrounded by ugliness. I would rather sleep outside, on the porch, than in this room for more that absolutely necessary.

 "Seraphena, time for lunch!" Came my mothers shrill voice. I rise and begin to descend the staircase. But my mind was still coming up with stories to give a reason for their poor judgment. When I reached the bottom, I had to stop and catch my breath. I was not used to stairs.

 Just one more thing that is going to change in my life. At least it is summer and there is no school. My sister's puppy, yapping at my heels, is always desperate for attention. I took just enough time to pat his head and say, "Hi Rainy." He still followed as I walk around the empty living room. I love the feeling of hard wood floors on bare feet. 

I walked, well actually, it was more like spinning. I spun around, loving the feeling of my sun dress flying around my calves. I felt like a spinning top. One that some one had just released from their fingers. Nothing can stop me now. Except for the coffee table. Owwww! Why, if there is no other furniture in the room, is there a coffee table? No wonder it snuck up with out warning. Now I am paying for those few seconds of bliss. I am lucky I have such good balance, or I would have fallen. since I have my right shin in my hand. My mother called again that I should come for lunch. This time there was no spinning. Just slow, painful limps to the doorway.

The dinning room has two parts. The first is the cooking part. Then is the eating place, complete with a matching table and chair set. In the wall between the sections, there is a window. Not with glass. It is to pass food after being cooked to be eaten. My bowl was sitting on the little ledge. Of course, it was the very farthest point from where I was standing. as I hobbled to my food, my mother looked up and said nothing. now I was screaming at her in my head. How can she look at me, her daughter, in pain, and not even ask if i was okay? I took my bowl and sat in my seat. Only then realizing I was starving, I dug into my bowl of mac & cheese.

The End

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