#156, Florida Coast

As I unpack my suitcase, I realized that this would change my life. Little did I know how much it really would. My family, consisting of my father, my mother, my sister and her dog had just made the move from Montana to Florida. Although not exactly sure of the cause, I did not care about the move. I did not have any best friends, or good friends for that matter. Being unpopular does not bother me, but it would not matter, either way.

I had just moved to this house yesterday. Unlike my old house, this one had a view. It was gorgeous. It had a rocky sliver of land that jutted out into the clear blue sea. Usually, you hear about the ocean as being blue-green or green or stormy green. But this little piece of poetry was just a crystal clear blue that no one could resist. Of the hundreds of beach houses, I knew the contents of only one. My family's little number 156. And the contents were all in boxes and suitcases.

 A moment later, I hear my moms voice, telling me to get my necklace out of my mouth. This is typical for me. I usually have my necklace in my mouth. Not the whole thing, just the charm, or a bead. Basically, what ever is on the end, is in my mouth. So it became my mom's job to constantly tell me, "Take that necklace out of your mouth."

In the loft, I am unpacking boxes, thinking out loud. "You know, this is really only the third floor. I wonder why it is called the loft?" I looked around at the dusty magenta room. The window looked over the private section of beaches that came with the house. I could hear the gulls fighting over picnic scraps. I could hear the screams from kids, running around trying to out do one another by building the biggest sand castle. I could smell the barbaque grills cooking lunch. This is my new life.

The End

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