That morning after I dragged my self out of bed I hopped in the shower and used the hot water to release tension from the days before.

After blow drying my hair I pulled it into a messy bun, put on blue long sleeved top, skinny jeans and Uggs and went into the kitchen, grabbed a special K bar, snatched my coat of the hanger in the porch and headed to the bus stop.


"Blue again, Liz" Soph mocked.

"Hey don't dis the Blue, kay, and hello to you to" I said trying to be serious but ended laughing with her.

"Hey, what's up" Ella asked once she joined us.

"Oh just Liz and her blue"

"Aw right, how long has that been you favourite colour now? What 4 years, is it" she joked.

"Blue is a very calming colour" I snapped staring them down.

"Okay, Okay don't take a hissy fit- flip me its cold" whined Soph.

"Well done Sherlock!" I said brightening the mood from the Irish winter weather.

"Yeah wish that bloody bus driver would- oh never mind he's here." Ella claimed getting ready to on the bus, leaving Soph and I to think of the Irony of her using bloody with me around.


Once we where on the bus, Ella was already in her normal seat, I got in first to ours, and Sophie went in after me but smacked her head on the luggage rack above the seat sending me and Ella into fits of laughter till our eyes started to water.

"Alright it wasn't that funny" Soph said clearly put out by us laughing. Rubbing her forehead.

"Maybe not for you but for us it was pretty darn funny" Ella snickered at the thought of it.

Sophie looked at the front of the bus in a huff. I looked back at Ella with a look that basically said "help me here" which she just shrugged off; I narrowed my eyes at her, looks like it's up to me then, ugh I hate this kind of thing, where every body's mad at each other.

"Soph don't be a grumpy boots" I whined, she looked at me with a sceptical look for a couple of minutes and then turned to the front again.

"If it makes you feel any better, I'll get back at Ella for ya" I asked- hoping she wasn't mad at me- which she just nodded to in return- obviously she wasn't as mad at me as she was with Ella.

Even if Sophie was the oldest out of all of us she really could act like a five year old.

"Oh my God, Ella look there's Liam" I said in really high pitched girly voice

"Where?" she gasped, looking all the over the bus like a Meer cat. Sending us into hysterics

"Jeez... Ella you're... so gullible" I said through my laughing fit.

 "Shut-up" she snapped her mouth going into a pout making us laugh even harder.

"We're here" she said standing up in a flash trying to get away from the place where she made a complete full out of herself.

"See you at break, meet you at the canteen" I murmured as I left them to go to science.

"Kay" I heard them call back, heading off to their own classes.

My schedule for a Monday was:

1. Science

2. History


3. R.E

4. Maths


5. Geography

 6. English

Ugh the only remotely good classes today where, history and geography, and a maths test to day didn't exactly make it any better.


I went into class and took my seat beside Robin.

"Hey" she said as I sat down.


"What did you do at the weekend?"

"Sophie and I went for a walk to the river, where we  bumped onto Liam unfortunately and he asked me to out the cinema but I turned him down" after I said this we turned round to look at him and found him flirting with Carla Green, shamelessly I might add. Robin turned back to me.

"Wise move" She said with approval "have you told Ella or Natalie?"

"You kidding me, they'd eat my head off!" I exclaimed.

"Fair point" she agreed

"Good morning class" said Miss McKenna and 1, 2, 3 start the drooling, I looked behind me and snickered, Robin looked at me, her brow furrowed in confusion, looked behind her turned round and rolled her eyes. All boys had that puppy dog look on their faces even Liam and as you've probably learned by now that's saying something.

"Alright today we are going looking at..... Atoms" and literally the whole moaned out of annoyance at how boring atoms are, it was actually pretty funny

Her voice went up and down in pitch to make it more interesting, it was a darn good try but atoms always have and always will be boring.

Thankfully history was a little bit more interesting yet sad, we where looking at WWII and the woman who worked back here while the men went to fight.

Which every single girl in this class felt proud of, even if you weren't pure bred Irish, e.g. ME!

Don't think about that now, I've have a pretence to pull off. 4moreclasses. Just4moreclasses, just4moreclasses I chanted in my head.

I met up with Robin outside history.

"So what did you this weekend?" I asked curious

 "Nothing much just worked on identity" she answered nonchalantly.

 "Oh aye how's that going?" I asked Identity is a book she's writing- see what I mean English genius. Even though the title of it is a bit ironic seeing who I was, hah if only she knew.

"I'm on the 5th chapter now"

"Can you send me on MSN it I'm sort of getting addicted" I laughed trying to lighten the mood.

"Sure" she said after that we walked to the canteen in a companionable silence.


"Hey" Ella chirped once we reached our table "how'd your classes go?"

"History was okay, science was awful!" I claimed.

"Why?" Sophie asked as I went down to sit beside her.

"Atoms" Robin and I said at the same time.

"Ugh" Sophie shuddered.

"Nasty" Natalie said wrinkling her little nose and Ella nodded in agreement.

"You can say that again" Robin sighed.

"What about you?" I asked.

"English was alright we got to watch Romeo and Juliet" Soph said happily, there had to be a catch teachers never did anything like that without you having to do work on it.

"But we have to do an essay on it for the Friday of next term" Natalie finished; see there always was a catch to something like that.

"Yikes, not nice"

"We know" they all said at the same time

"R.E was good cause he wasn't there but he left work with our cover, so that wasn't exactly the best class I've ever had" Ella laughed and the rest of us joined her. I looked up to see Liam and crew where making there way over to our table but where caught up by Carla and her girls.

"Um, do you want to go for a walk" I said randomly breaking the silence, Sophie and Robin looked up to see Liam and crew trying to make there way over her but where held up Carla and her girls.

"Okay" Sophie said and Robin nodded in agreement, Natalie and Ella turned behind them to see why we where leaving and smirked at each other.

"I think I'll just stay here" Ella said still watching Liam and Carla, it was actually pretty funny when she was looking at Liam she had the "deer in the headlights expression" on her face but at Carla she throwing daggers.

"Yeah me too" Natalie agreed all too eagerly.

"Okay see ya" I said and left just as Liam started to leave Carla with Robin and Sophie on my heel.

"God that was close" Robin said flopping down on the leather seats outside the assembly hall.

"Yeah I never thought I'd say this for as long live but thank god for Carla Green" I exclaimed making us all laugh.


The rest of the day carried on in carefree blur, well except for maths which actually wasn't that bad seeing as I crammed hard during our 10mins revision before the test.

"Hey thanks for saving me a seat" I said to Sophie once I got on the bus.

"No prob" she returned.

We didn't talk for a good while both of us caught up in our own thoughts.

"Ah" I hissed, rubbing my thigh just above my knee.

"Another sharp one" Sophie asked quietly.

"Yup" I said popping the p "where's Ella?" I asked glancing round looking for her.

"Oh she got a lift with her mum, where about's?"


"Where about's the pain at?"

 "Um, there" I said pointing my finger to my thigh.

"That's good it's nearly over then." She said so low that I'm not sure whether I was meant to hear or not.

"Really" I cried anyways making her jump- obviously I wasn't meant to hear.

"How'd you hear that?"

"Dunno, guess it's a Nina thing- sharpened senses" I said shrugged, "But still, really?" I said just a tad over-excited at the thought of the pain that I've having for almost 6 months now was nearly over.

"Yeah" she laughed at my reaction before continuing "think about it's only got the rest of your leg to go which would probably take about a month or so.

"Oh I guess that does make sense, um Anna and Victor are coming over next week" I whispered

 "What!" she cried.

"Shush" I hushed looked around at the few people including Mariah Williams-from Carla's gang- who was flirting disgracefully with Logan Craig- from Liam's crew -where still on our bus that where giving us weird looks.

"Oh sorry it was just the shock that's all." She whispered

"I know trust me I know if you think you're shocked how do think I felt. They were supposed to be coming over next month but apparently there coming over next week instead so yeah just a tad surprised"

"But I don't want you to go!" she whined, which I felt flattered by.

"I think they're only coming over to visit. You know get to know me and stuff, so you aren't gonna get rid of me that easily." I joked trying to get away from all the emotional good-bye crap, I'm really not that type of person, well ¼ person but still person and to be pretty honest I didn't have a clue what was gonna happen.

"So what day are they coming over?" she asked excitedly.

"Um, I'm not sure, mum and dad haven't really told me much, about what's happening but as soon as I find out I'll text you kays, bye" I said heading down to the front of the bus to get off at my lane.


The rest of the week dragged on or that's what I thought because in the midst of acting normal my Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday completely disappeared.


On Friday morning I woke up thinking it was just a normal end of term day, but then it all came each with its own mental slap in the face.

Oh my dear sweet lord, how the hell did it all go so fast, I mean I remember each day perfectly it's just how did... Ugh, you'd think me being Nina Belairos that I'd be smart but I can be really dense!

That morning on the bus I didn't even acknowledge what Ella was saying to me, I had just blocked out both them, I was still in shock knowing that I would be meeting Anna and Victor, my real parents, supernatural beings in a matter of days, oh God, whatever you do Lizzie do not faint, don't faint, don't faint.

The rest of the day I went to my classes in a zombie mode only talking if somebody asked me a question and even then I only said a couple of words, I got the feeling that all my friends gave up on me except Soph.

"Lizzie what's up with you, and don't tell me nothing, cause I know rightly that it's not" she said cutting me off.

"It's just the week has gone so fast and I'm sure if I'm ready"

"Oh, you'll be fine" she said emphasising the fine part.

"I know, I'm just nervous, I mean what if they don't like me"

"Are we talking about the person here? Come on the only person who doesn't like you is Carla, its not like you really need to care whether she likes you or not, plus if they don't like you well then there gonna have some serious explaining to do to me" she said trying to be all hard making me laugh, seriously she couldn't be hard even if she was made out of concrete.

"Ah well, see you soon alright and don't forget we're to go Ella's later on, I'll text ya later on though" I said going to get off the bus.

"You'd better, bye"


Once I got inside the house I found mum and dad in the position that they where in on Sunday evening, dad on the phone with a frown on his mug and mum eaves dropping in on the conversation from the couch.

I went and sat beside her and did likewise. Ben came into the living-room then- knowing I was home- and sat at my feet.

"Yes today was her last day until....... 8 of January" answering whatever his/her question was

"Um, yes there should be enough room for him too" Mum and I looked at each other with the same look on our faces saying "who's him?"

"Okay, see you then, oh is he able to eat, like dinner" that's when I put two and two together, him was my uncle. Ah, great the vampire, I'm still mostly human and mum and dad are still pretty much human since the last time I checked, like I know dad said that they said his bloodlust or whatever you call it was under control, but come on he'll still be thirsty

"Oh, okay, Slan go foil" -that's good bye for now in Irish- dad said making me smile.

"Well?" mum asked worried by the dad's appearance.

"They'll be here Sunday and Andrew can eat human food but he doesn't want to, he just wants to meet his niece.

"Oh" mum said

I just sat there staring at the cracks in fireplace- wait a sec when was ever able to see the cracks in fireplace from this far back-Sunday why did it have to be so soon, like come on I only found out that I wasn't human and adopted last week and oh yeah and that blades could come out of my finger tips like wolverine, okay I have to admit that sounded pretty darn cool but still cut me some slack.

"Liz I can see face and your going into overdrive, stop, calm down, it's fine you'll be fine, now tonight you and I are gonna clean up the two spare rooms same for Saturday morning and actually call over Sophie we're gonna need all the help we can get and Saturday evening I'm going to take you to the hair dressers then we can buy the ingredients for grandma's roast dinner and then you and Sophie can chill for the rest of the evening okay, okay." Mum said and she talked about me going into over drive, hypocrite.

"Okay" not wanting to argue with mum while she was in sergeant-Aine mode, that's what you would call a death sentence.

"Right, I'm to take a shower, and you go ring Soph" she said giving herself a complementary smile and walked out of the room, seriously that woman should have become a wedding planner or something; mind you she would probably worry too much and give her self a stroke.

After that I ran straight up to my room at full pelt, not stopping till I reached my desk and grabbed my phone and back down stairs.

I pressed Sophie's phone number into the house phone- seeing as I was down to my last couple of credits on my mobile.

After the first couple of rings, Sophie's mum picked up.


"Hey, Mrs Mac Donald, its Lizzie is Sophie there?" I asked

 "Oh, hello Lizzie, yeah she's here-Soph Lizzie's on the phone" after that I heard a muffled thud and laughter. Should I really be able to hear that- this Nina thing is starting to get a bit weird but I had a feeling it was just getting started.

"She's coming"

"Oh, I know I can hear her"

"You can? Oh yeah the Nina thing how's that working out for ya" wait a sec was she meant to know?

"Um, how do you know?"

"Lizzie, don't worry where do think Soph her talent out of, it wasn't going to be from John now was it" she snickered.

"Yeah I guess not"

"Here she is"

"Hey" said Soph breathless

"What happened?" I said condescendingly.

"What do you mean what happened?" she asked- defensive much.

"Soph, I heard a thud then laughter, now what happened before I reach through that phone and make you tell me" I said getting annoyed now.

"How'd you- ugh never mind, whenever mum called me I turned too quickly and knocked the books of my bedside table and feel on top of them, unfortunately though Darren just had to be coming into my room at this time so he saw lying in a pile of books and started laughing not even bothering his lazy ass to lift me up, so yeah that's what happened" she blurted out hoping I missed out what she said but I didn't so I ended up rolling on the floor in hysterics, as soon as my laughing fit was over I went back to the phone.

"Aw God, I really wish I had seen that, anyways Anna and Victor are coming over on Sunday so mum told me to ring you to ask if you could help" I said casually

"OMG, so soon" she cried. I could hear her mum ask her what was wrong and Soph telling her.

"Yup" I told her

"Ask her if her mum can help as well" mum interjected

"Oh and to ask if your mum could help us as well"

"Um, sure when do you want us to come over?" she asked

"Tonight if that's okay mums gone into sergeant-Aine mode on me" I chuckled

"Mum says that's okay, see ya"

"Kay bye" I said putting the phone down.

"There coming over now to help"

"Good, now you, go get changed into something old seeing as we are going to be cleaning this place up, by that time they should be here" she said shooing me towards the stairs.

 I ran up the stair taking two at a time, once I got into my I room I closed my door and quickly changed into a pair of old trackies and blue tank-top and put on my black pumps. I pulled my hair into messy bun and went back downstairs.

Knock, Knock, Knock.

Mum opened the door to let Sophie and her mum and apparently Darren (her brother) had tagged along as well.

"Thanks for coming, we only just found out that they where coming on Sunday" Mum said to Ashline (Sophie's mum) leading her into the living, leaving Sophie, Darren and I in the hallway.

"Don't even think about it, Sophie Alison MacDonald" I snapped at Sophie when she raised an eyebrow at my colour choice of clothing.

Darren just looked between us like as if he was at a tennis match looked at me for a while, finally his mouth made an "O" shape as he figured why I had snapped at Soph when she had said nothing.

"Yeah at least she doesn't land face first in pile in of books" he said sticking up for me, making Sophie and I both look at him confusion, once he realised why he looked down suddenly very interested in his shoes, his face turning bright red.

"Um, where's Ben?" He asked changing the subject.

"Out back" I replied still confused at why he had stuck up for me? I mean he was always teasing me, why all of a sudden did he do that for then?

He all but ran in Ben's direction.

"What the...."  I trailed off.

"You haven't noticed have you, Liz" asked Soph smirking.

"Noticed what?" still confused at what had just happened.

"The attention you've been getting from all the boys at school"

"I've been getting attention?" I asked unsure.

"Yup, a lot of it, from all the lads around are age including Darren and Liam."

"No, I haven't....... Have I?"

"Yeah you have, over the past couple of months you've gotten really good-looking, I mean not Carla good-looking, which we both know is pretty fake considering all the make-up she wears, I mean Anna good-looking" she said spinning me around so I could look at my self in the mirror that was on the wall in the hallway "Actually, if you think about it you're sort of like Victoria" she mused.


"I mean looks wise you know red hair, thin, some freckles, I didn't mean mentally, she was psychotic, although your mood swings are pretty unpredictable" she joked.

"Thanks" I said sarcastically and shoved her lightly well at least I thought I did, but she ended up going flying to the floor but some how I managed to grab before she smacked her head on the floor.

"Oops, sorry didn't mean to shove you so hard" I apologised.

"Wow that was cool!" she cried, loud enough making my mum, Ashline, Darren and Ben all come into the hall way.

"The way you shoved me over two metres way and grabbed while I was in mid-air fall, it's like as if you where Alice Cullen from twilight or something" she explained

"Oh come on you have to believe me, Darren, Liz sit down at the table, you are going to have an arm wrestle." She clarified once she saw the scepticism written all over my face.

 "Soph, he's huge compared to me, what I did there now was probably a fluke" I whined, I really didn't want to do this; I already have broken both my wrists I didn't want to do it again plus the fact that Darren was 16 didn't exactly make my chances of winning any better.

"Yeah but a Nina fluke, now stop moping and show us what a Belairos is made of" she said proud of her logic, once she said that something inside me clicked, it's like someone turned the big light on.

"Alright, let's do it" I said and went into the kitchen and sat down at the table with Darren following in pursuit, put elbow on the table with my hand in the air and waited for Darren to join. When he put wrapped his hand around me, I felt a sudden wave if confidence and smirked.

"1, 2, 3, go!" Sophie cried.

I could strength in my arm forming, like as if the liquid was starting to go hard, speaking of...

Darren was trying really hard, literally I could see beads of sweat rolling down his forehead and my arm still didn't budge.

A couple minutes into it dad came into the kitchen after getting the paint.

"What the..." he trailed off taking us in.

"Shush, we're trying to see how strong Lizzie is" Mum whispered.

"No we're trying to see how strong Nina is" Sophie corrected making me smile.

I was starting to get bored and I could see Darren getting flustered so I started to push his hand in the other direction, making him loose an inch and a rather excited Soph squeal in delight. That little sound made another wave of confidence hit me, so I made him lose another inch and then slammed his hand against the table in victory.

"Yes" I said triumphantly and went to high-five Soph.

"Hold on now, hold on, we all know that Darren isn't the strongest lad in Ireland" Dad contradicted ending my post-victory high.

"Hey" Darren exclaimed annoyed. Dad ignored him and carried on.

"So let's see how you do against me" Dad said cocky.

I looked back at Soph, mum and Ashline unsure.

"Go for it, remind him what you're made of" Mum winked making us all laugh, knowing what my arms where made of.

"Good point" I said through my laughter. I turned back round to dad with a smug grin on my face.

"All right, Daddy-o, bring it" I said confidently, knowing although I didn't have as much muscle as Dad, my arms where made of liquid metal and bone and muscle, the chances are I was likely going to win.

Dad put his hand in mine and gripped it lightly, which let me know he was going to go easy on me, biased old man.

"1, 2, 3!" Mum cried.

"Go!" Soph finished.

Oh dad wasn't really trying and I knew it probably because he didn't want to hurt me, hurt me, aye jack, I guess confident Lizzie's coming back  or maybe just Nina.

"That all you got old man, c'mon I'm not that weak" I said arrogantly.

After that I felt him put a little bit more force into it. Seeing that I still wasn't moving he went full force on my arm- the creases in his forehead and clenched jaw where prove of that- but my arm was still holding strong.

Soon he started to grunt with the amount of effort just to get my arm to move a fraction towards the table, "keep dreaming sunshine" I thought to myself and made him loose an inch of his territory, making his eyes go wide in disbelief, and then I made him loose another.

"Come on Will you cant let a girl bet you" Darren said.

"And this is coming from you" Soph challenged and then I made Dad loose another inch but gave it to him again to make him feel good but then took another two.

Dad pushed even harder then to save his pride but I wasn't going to let him have that and pushed his arm 2 inches closer to the table and then smashed it to the table.

"OMG, Nina!" Sophie screamed and ran over to hug me. We all stopped and stared at her, shocked.

"What?" she asked annoyed at us staring at her she really wasn't the one for being the centre of attention then again neither am I.

"Eh, what did you just call me?"

"Oh, whoops, I didn't mean to, it just seemed right at the time" she muttered looking down at her feet shamefaced.

"She does have a point" mum agreed.

"Yeah so suck it up" Sophie finished; I rolled my eyes at her.

"Alright we need to get started before you two have to go to Ella's" Mum ordered.

"Yes ma'am" Sophie and I said both giving her a solider salute.


After that we all cleaned different rooms each. Mum cleaned my room; Soph cleaned the living room, Ashline cleaned the kitchen, Dad and Darren cleared outside whilst I cleaned the bathroom, which didn't take that long so I went to help Soph in the living room meaning to help her but ended up having a lethal pillow fight.


"We better get going" claimed Sophie looking at the clock.

"Yeah, I'll go tell mum" I said leaving the room.

"Mum we're going now" I said to her wondering what I would call Anna when I met her, like calling her mum didn't seem right I know she was real mum but I hardly knew her plus I didn't think mum suited her to be honest or what she would call me, if she was going to call me Nina she might not get a response but something tell me she would.

"Alright love, tell Josephine I said hello will ya for me" she said giving me a kiss on the cheek.

"Okay, bye" I replied and then went back to Sophie "C'mon lets go" I said to her going out the front door.

We both got on our bikes and headed to Ella's.


 As soon as we turned into Ella's estate we could here high pitched flirtatious giggles from Ella's house, which only meant one thing. Liam.


The End

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