2. Myth


Okay I was prepared for stuff like grandma was dead or something like that but "you're adopted" did not cross my mind, and of course me, being me, I fainted.

Between when I had fainted and the time I started to wake up dad must had moved me to the sofa.

When I started to come round I heard my mum soothing my dad, wait did I have that right mum soothing dad, yup I did.

"She's fine she just fainted, she's had a lot to take in, on top of her soreness" she smiled gently at him.

At that point my eyes had started to open and I could hear my mum humming softly.

"See she's coming round" mum stated proudly.

"You okay love" dad murmured concern leaking from his voice, I could tell he was worried by the creases on his forehead, "Lizzie just because you're adopted doesn't we love you any less or don't care about you" mum said sweetly.

"Me too mum" I muttered quietly, as soon as I said this I heard and dad let out a sigh of relief.

"Come here, love" mum said kindly patting the space on the other sofa beside her.

"You see, Lizzie I've never been able to have babies, so on the morning we were going to orphan agency there was a knock on the door. You're dad and I opened it to find a couple on the porch, you're mother and father. The woman, Anna was still carrying you at the time. She was skinny even carrying you but she was strong though. Your father, Victor, well he was taller than your dad and more muscular but I'll say this for them they where both very beautiful. Anna had long brown wavy hair down to her waist with light blue eyes. Your father was similar but different, he had short fair hair with grey eyes, but they both had pale shin and again very good looking. They asked could we come in and of course we let them knowing that they needed to talk to us but we didn't know why at time." She said knowingly

"Alright but what has this to do with my growing pains" I asked confused. Not sure what this leading up to.

"Lizzie have you heard that myth about the girl who was ¼ human?" asked mum concerned. I didn't have a clue to where this was leading but I answered anyways.

"Um, yeah the girl was ¼ human, ¼ vampire, ¼ werewolf and ¼ ..... Witch, yeah, that was it witch," I said thinking about what this had to do with my real parents, and my growing pains.

"Lizzie that story isn't a myth, you're that girl" Mum blurted out.

"WHAT?" I screamed, making black spots blur my vision,

I was pretty sure at that point my eyes had bulged out of their sockets, now it all made sense, the heightened senses, the sixth sense, and the defined features but where did the growing pains come into it?

"You're the next Nina Belairos sweetie" mum answered softly with a tender smile, calming me.

"I get that part, but where does the growing pains come into it?" I asked still unsettled by the fact that I wasn't purely human; jeez talk about a low blow.

 "You've herd the full story have you Liz" Dad presumed, not sure whether my voice would be calm, I just nodded. "I guess you want to know who you really are then, eh?" he asked knowing that I would.

I nodded; he smiled as he already knew what my answer would be.

"I try telling you this as best I can bear in mind that it was over 14 years ago that I heard this story. The true one from your parents so it might be a tad sketchy, the day your parents came. They told us as soon as you the pains started in your legs it would be time to tell you and also as soon as you where 14 they would send you you're chain that symbolises who are but also starts the process of becoming a ¼ human." When I looked down I saw the chain on me but this was the one that mum and dad gave to me, it couldn't have been that one? Could it?

"But the only chain is the one that Gran... oh she knew too, didn't she?" I said answering my own question

Dad just nodded and carried on with the story in his teacher voice which for once calmed me.

"You already know the ¼ part of your story but what you don't know it that you aren't going to be fully developed till you're 18 but you'll be gaining you're powers during that time and with every two years you will reach a new stage in you development, think of levelling up in a computer game, so when your growing pains have stopped you'll start to gradually become a dog, cat and bat but don't worry you'll still look human on the outside,"

"Just think of the way Aro calls the werewolves in Breaking Dawn sweetie, shape-shifters" mum said interrupting dad, making what he had just said more understandable.

"Like I was saying" dad continued "but when you're 16 you'll be able turn into um... what was it again ..... Ah, a wolf, vampire bat and big cats, you know like cheetah, lion, leopard etc. I'm guessing you'll be happy about that" I was grinning like a weirdo at that part, yeah I sort of really like cheetahs. I know like I said I'm weird but hey there cool- being able to run at 80 km per hour that's pretty darn cool in my book.

"And then when you're 18 well you can figure out the rest" he said concluding but I knew there was more, another weird Nina thing I guessed, maybe really good intuition or something.

"But you still haven't answered my question, what do the growing pains have to do with this?" I asked getting impatient with them avoiding my question.

"Well love we weren't sure with how ... ugh I guess you can handle with anything now eh? You see it isn't bone and muscle that's developing inside your arms its liquid metal so that your blades can be fired, I thought that part was in the short version of the so-called myth" Dad thought out loud

"Oh yeah it was, I just didn't know whether that part was true or not" I muttered, frowning.

"Dad" I said unsure whether I wanted to know the answer to this question or not.

"Yeah" he replied, obviously curious to what my question was- seeing as there was a lot.

"Um, you know the way I'm going to be part vampire, well does that mean I have to drink blood?" I said worried and turned off by idea of drinking some random stranger's blood.

"Not sure, don't think so but sure you could always ask them" Dad stated matter-of-factly.

"Them, who's them" I asked already knowing the answer, but wanting to hear it out loud all the same.

"Your birth parents of course" dad stated simply.

And for the second time that evening I fainted.

When I started to come round I heard mum and dad talking quietly at the other side of the room.

"Just let her sleep it off she's had a lot to deal with,"

Yes just let me sleep I'm too tired for my brain to work properly

She continued "Should we really tell Anna and Victor so soon? I mean I don't know if I'm able to let her go" mum said with concern leaking from her voice.

"I feel the same way too love, but she's their daughter. It sounded as if they needed her, the last time I was talking to them. So it's only fair that we give her back. Let's just hope they let us see her when she starts living with them." Dad answered, by the sound of his voice I could tell he was frowning, not the prettiest sight in the world.

"I suppose so, come on she needs her beauty sleep, Will?" Mom started to ask.

"Yeah" he prompted.

"Is it true that she'll be getting more and more beautiful as she gets older?" she asked, her voice going higher in excitement"

"Yeah I think so" Dad laughed at her, and if I wasn't pretending to sleep I would have laughed as well but knowing that I was to be more than just alright looking put me on a giddy high for most of the night. You see I was always okay looking but never drop dead gorgeous so the thought of maybe reaching into the "god damn hot" group as they boys in my class would call it never crossed my mind; to me I was always the deformed ginger Dalmatian.

After a quiet moment I felt mum and dad kiss my forehead.


It took me ages to come down from high, which was good yet bad. It meant that I could actually sort out what I just heard from mum and dad. As while they where telling me who I was, I was pretty much still in shock.


1. I was adopted.

 2. I wasn't human which sort of made sense, well ¼ human but still not completely human, I never really felt....... Complete until now.... Now that knew who I was.

 3. I'm Nina Belairos- the myth which is actually real.

4. I am totally and utterly confused or confudled as Ella would say in strange language that me and Sophie like to call Ella-ish.

And thought that Mr. I'm-so-far-up-my-own-ass-that-I-can-see-through- my-mouth, Liam Coyle was the most of my problems apart from the maths test that I have on Monday. I know that mum and dad said that I would get prettier but I hoped that I would get better at maths or else I would fail miserably.


The next morning I woke up trying to figure out whether I had just a very, very surreal dream or last night actually did happen. It did, there were still bits of mug still on floor since my last big jolt of a growing pain...

Speaking of which had moved down to my legs and was starting to go down into my wrists, leaving the rest of my arms cooler which sort of made sense in a sad weird way knowing that cool liquid metal had replaced my blood, but something about knowing who I really was made the pain more bearable. Something inside of me told me that was the case.

I tiptoed into the kitchen to make myself something to eat knowing that if I didn't eat soon there would be a loud rumble come from inside of me, as if it timed it's self to perfection my tummy gargled, telling me to get a move on.

I had just sat down to sugar on toast- sounds disgusting I know but it actually was really nice and yet quick- when I heard footsteps coming down the hallway, they where loud and heavy which told me that it was dad.

"Morning Dad" I said cheerfully, but actually feeling like crap seeing as I stayed up half the night bombarding myself with questions like will I have fangs? or If I'm getting prettier does this mean that guys like Liam will actually like me?-not that I cared of course....

"Hey sweetie, how you feeling, how's them growing pains of yours" dad said seeming politely interested like as if I was some science experiment which didn't exactly make me feel much better.

"Um there okay I guess they've actually become less painful but think that has more to do with knowing who I am than the pain killers that I've been taking are actually starting to work, and plus they've moved onto my legs now and further down my arms to my wrists so yeah they're not too bad" I explained, with a timid smile.

"Yes well I suppose that is good, Lizzie you know not to tell anybody right, you can tell them that your adopted but not about anything else, well except for Sophie of course unless you believe you can trust her with that sort of secret, seeing as her ancestors where supposedly witches who where good friends of the Belairos family and far out relations of Anna's, people who they could trust." Dad said with a wink. Wait a minute did this mean that Sophie, my best friend Sophie was my cousin and was a... was a... A witch..... What the...

"You... mean Sophie knows about me!" I exclaimed

"Yes she and her family have known for the past 5 and half years Liz we've all been waiting for you to start changing" at this point Mum had walked into the room.

"Think of it this way love, this means you can talk about it to someone who isn't us or your grandma" Mum said cautiously not knowing what my reaction would be.

After a couple of deep breaths I said "I guess your right when you put it like that."

Mum smiled at me "would you like to see them love?" She asked.

"See who?"

"Anna and Victor, we have some pictures of them"

"Um, sure"

"Kay, I'll go get them" she said excitedly before going, leaving to my thoughts whilst dad read the newspaper.

Nina Belairos, although as mad as all of this to me I had to admit I did like the sound of that.

But Sophie a witch, no wonder why I always felt calm around her if she was a...... a... what do you call it? Family ally there we go and far out related, yeah I'm not the best at English then again I wasn't exactly the best at anything.

By this time mum had come back into the room. It was only when she sat down on the sofa beside me. That I realised that she had came back from her picture hunt which wasn't exactly as long as the rest of them.

"Here you go I was going to show you them last night but you feel asleep so I didn't want to wake you. But anyways her they are" she handing me them.

Oh my dear sweet lord where they actually my parents I was pretty sure when I saw them that my eyes bulged out of my head like they did in comic books and that my jaw dropped open. They where unbelievably good looking if this was what I was going to turn out like by the time I was 18. Then I wasn't going to complain. Anna was still pregnant with me and yet still stunning but to be honest that was an understatement, and yet she looked........ Strong but there was an essence about her but I didn't what it was. Victor was pretty much the same but more muscular and taller.

There were a lot of questions on my mind, one blurted out with me even wanting to ask it.

"What kind are they?" I said to them wondering how exactly I came about.

"What do mean love?" Mum asked obviously confused about my question.

"What I meant was, you know the way I'm ¼ human, 1/4 vampire, ¼ werewolf and ¼ witch, well I was wondering what are they? As in, vampire, werewolf..." Looking at them I knew they were inhuman.

"Well as far as I know, your mum is a witch, your dad's a werewolf and your uncle is a vampire, and your granddad on your mum's side was human." Dad told me. Very pleased with him self for remembering all that- because there was a smug grin on his face.

"I have an uncle?"

"Yeah, Andrew I think his name was, they didn't say much about him just he was your father's brother and that he was a vampire but they said for us not to worry. As his bloodlust is well under control, so we should be safe"

"Has he got any family?" wondering if I had any cousins, I know Sophie was my cousin but she was far out.

"Don't know, probably"

"When will I met them" I asked suddenly anxious to meet them in person but also nervous cause I didn't want them to disapprove of me which is very likely. That was part of the reason but also they looked very powerful and intimidating compared to me. The only reason I have any muscle at all was because I helped dad on the farm during my spare time from school and studying.- Yeah I know I'm a weirdo cause I live and work on farm, so sue me.- I'm tiny compared to them well not in thinness tiny but still tiny anyways.

"Um, sometime next month I'm guessing" few at least that's enough time for me to get used to things "I'll have to ring and arrange a date today and it would take them a good while getting over from Transylvania-"

 "Wait a minute, Transylvania?" I asked cutting dad off. "As in Draculas castle and Van Helsing, Transylvania?

"Yes that's where they live in the Alps in the Belairos castle"

"Oh, okay" I said slightly overwhelmed. OMG. Talk about dream come true (yes, I like all that stuff, I'm weird. I know). I could just see it now, big huge gothic castle built into the snow covered Transylvanian Alps, talk about cool (like I said I'm a freak show). I've always liked all that vampire/werewolf stuff, like Van Helsing with Hugh Jackman lethal movie and Vampire Diaries, HON (House of night) and Vampire Academy, oh and Twilight, yup I'm a supernatural nerd, sort of figures that I become one, don't it.

"Lizzie, do you even know what I just said?" dad asked annoyed that I obviously paying attention.

"Huh, sorry, what?"

 "I said that I'm going to ring Anna and Victor next week in the meantime you're still going to school" Dad stated.

"WHAT!" I screeched, like why the hell am I going to school? How was I meant to carry on normally knowing that- Not only was I adopted but I was also the Nina Belairos the ¼ human? I know I was inhuman but I wasn't superwoman plus I was still pretty in shock.

"Lizzie you're going to be going to school. I know it might seem unfair" I raised my eyebrows at sceptically, which he just ignored "after what we've told you but you need to carry on a normal life. That was one of the requests by your parents plus you've got Sophie to help you through this at school and if you don't to talk to us about it." Dad said in a final tone telling me I wasn't getting out of it.

"Alright is it okay if I go talk to Sophie now?" I asked glancing at the clock seeing that it was only 3:16; she would be at her house at this time she wouldn't be at aunts just yet she usually went at 6:00.


"Okay, I'll just go ask if she wants to go for a walk down to the river" I said walking to my room going to get my mobile.

Once I got into my room I found Ben curled up in his basket dozing.

"Aren't you a sight for sore eyes?" I cooed gently to him, once hearing my voice he poked his head up and ambled over to me, I petted him before sighing and went to get my phone from my desk. I painted it white to make it bigger and got some blue and white bed covers and curtains to bring some blue into my room seeing as you hardly got it in Ireland.

My room wasn't that great just a single bed, a desk with laptop and desk lamp on it, a wardrobe, chest of drawers and Ben's basket, my phone wasn't that exotic either, just an ordinary black Sony Ericsson.


Wanna go 4 a walk dwn 2 river-L


A few minutes later she texted back


Sur wher do u wanna meet-S


Completely oblivious to my ambush she is so dead


At the paddy's bench -L


Kayz c u in a few-S


C ya-L



While on my way to paddy's bench, I tried to figure out how I would bring me knowing who I was about, "Oh hey Soph did you know I'm not really human" Nah that didn't sound right

"Oh Hey Soph guess what we're cousins" Ugh this is hopeless, I'll probably just make it up as I go along, yeah right since was I good at improvising things, and since when did I have internal monologues.

"Hey Liz, what's up?" cried Sophie

"Oh nothing much just that I'm adopted, inhuman and oh, you're a witch" I said casually, now that sounded cool. Sophie looked down at her feet ashamed and blushed.

"Liz, don't be mad, I didn't want to keep it away from you but your parents said not to" she apologized.

"Don't worry, its fine just hard getting used to it, ya know" I said before she could her normal thing. Where she would say sorry like a million times even though she's already forgiven.

"I know but you'll get the hang of it soon enough" gesturing for us to start heading toward the river with her hand before continuing "but you have it admit it's lethal, being able to change into a cat is pretty cool" she agreed.

"How much do you know about the Nina stuff" I asked suspicious.

"Only the ¼ human jazz and that we are cousins and that, that locket triggered it" she replied calmly nodding her head towards.

"So, I'm guessing you don't the part where I have to live in the Transl-"

"Hey Liz" I heard a voice cutting me off, I voice I recognised yet oh-so hated, Liam's.

"What do you want?" Sophie and I asked at the same time, both of our voices oozing annoyance.

"Well, I was just wandering whether you want to go with me to the cinema?" he asked nervously, hah Liam Coyle nervous, now there's something you don't get to see very often and something I'd gladly see every day.

"Ha, I'd rather watch soccer" making Soph snicker, I had to admit it was a pretty funny comeback "but I do no someone who would." As soon as I said that his whole face light up, aw God this was going to be funny

"Who is it?" he said his eyes flickering towards Sophie, hah good luck with that.

I leaned into his ear and whispered loud enough for Sophie to hear "Nobody" and then turning to walk back down the road with Sophie laughing in hysterics.


"Good comeback" said Soph proudly

"I know" I replied with huge smug grin slapped on my face.

"So what where you saying before he interrupted and your deadly comeback?" she said curiously, wait to go Sophie for ruining the moment.

"That I guess you don't know about me living in Transylvania part" I muttered.


"Yeah, that's what I said when I first heard, apparently my real parents live in a huge fortress in the Transylvanian Alps, cool huh" I ecstatic.

"Obviously, but when do have to go" she said glum.

"Don't know. Not soon though. Probably in the summer seeing I have to go to school to keep up the pretence"  

 "Rage, but the summer isn't that far away though"

"Not that far away" I scoffed "Soph it's like 7 months away"

"Trust me that time will fly by"

"Dad says Anna and Victor will be visiting me shortly"

"Really, I might drop by and say hello, you know introduce my self" she said thoughtfully

"In other words you just want to be nosy" I joked poking her in the ribs.

"Hey" she cried swatting my hand away, at least that's what I fought she was doing.

"Lizzie" she exclaimed shocked.


"You didn't budge"

"What do you mean?" I asked, not having a notion what she was babbling on about.

"I just shoved you playfully but still pretty hard and you didn't move"

"And" I prompted

She ran full-pelt at me again and banged into me.

"See you only moved a few centimetres"

I just shrugged it off.

"Listen I got to go see you tomorrow, ‘Kay." I said stopping her from saying anything else about me not moving.




Walking into the living room I found mum on the sofa watching dad talking to someone on the phone.

"Who's on the phone" I mouthed at her.

"Anna" she moved back. I'm nearly certain that my eyes went huge at that tiny bit of info.

"Yes she's off then" Dad confirmed some question Anna had asked.

I could hear a woman's voice after that with a Romanian accent.

"Yes we'll see you then, good-bye Anna." Dad said ending the conversation and then put the phone back.

"Well?" mum asked

"They'll be here for Christmas week." Dad answered-So much for having a month to get used to things.

The End

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