1/4 Human

Lizzie is an ordinary Irish girl but all that changes as she becomes slowly but surely Nina Belairos

¼ Human

1. Revelation

It was the 11th of December 2009 it was 6 months since my 14th birthday, my mum and dad had given me £20. But Grandma Jones had gotten me this really pretty necklace- which was strange cause it was usually the other way round, The reason why I didn't get much presents was that I told my parents that I didn't want much this year as I thought, no I knew that they spent way too much money on me I know stereotypically that as a kid that didn't have any brothers or sisters was supposed to be spoilt but ever since I figured this out I told my parents that they where only allowed to get me 1 present at my birthday and Christmas, the same went for Grandma but she wasn't much of a problem she only gave £20 each time during the year your meant to get present, which I'm not complaining about but I'm trying to save up for a really good mobile (one that can cope with me as it's owner e.g. being able to withstand being dropped all over the place).

The chain was really nice though, the minute I saw it I loved it, it suited me perfectly, plain yet nice, it was silver with ancient symbols engraved into the front with little fake emeralds... well at least I thought they where fake.

That evening I had a shower. I towel dried my hair and looked at myself in the mirror. I really wasn't pretty compared to my mum. I had ginger hair and blue eyes, a straight nose and small head with a small, skinny frame to match. But I swear every day since my birthday my hair was getting more red and my eyes like a darker shade of blue. But also my freckles where fading sort of, which I'm so happy about. I know most red heads have freckles but they make me look like a deformed ginger Dalmatian so that's why I personally don't like them. The only thing I really liked about me where my eyes. They always reminded me of like a stormy sea. Which I thought was sort of cool.

"Ah!" I hissed, what was it with me and growing pains these days, nearly every single day since my birthday I've had them mainly in my arms. They where mostly like normal ones and I've started to get used to them. But every now and again they'd get really sore in like little jolts. Sometimes it was my legs but they where the natural ones that only lasted a couple of hours. But the growing pains in my arm deep down in my gut I knew that something happening in my body or changing........

It was Monday morning, it was your typical Irish weather outside, miserable and I was waiting on the school bus to arrive with Ella one of my best friends.

"Hey Liz, oh my god guess what? Liam rang me last night. Like I mean, Liam, one of the best looking boys in this school, I still can't believe you didn't go out with him are you wise in the head? Like why would you turn someone like him down? Give me one good reason why you won't go out with him?" she gives me a hard stare, well, try to give me a hard stare. She really could not look mean even if she had a dagger in hand threatening me; we both knew I was the one who could give looks that would make you think "if looks could kill!" Just looking at her with that face on her made me bite my cheek to keep me from snickering.

"Ah, let me think... maybe because he's a stuck up jerk" I supposed.

"Ugh, Liz he is not a jerk, sure he can be a bit loud" I raised my eyebrow up at her "alright quite loud and he's not stuck up he just has confidence" she said defensively

"El, there's a bit of a bit of a difference between confidence and pig headedness" I said sarcastically

"Liz why are you so"

"Bus" I cut her off before she could continue on her endless rant.


For once I was glad I could get into class no matter what it was just as long I could get away from pestering as much as I loved her as friend she did go on a lot. Uh, wait I take that back. I had maths now; in which I sat beside Liam, which just made things worse. Although Mr Craig was a nice teacher, I just really, really did not like maths. It wasn't that I was bad at it or anything it was mostly because that I found it really boring. I sat smack bang in the middle of the classroom, which was good for me as I was quite tiny so I couldn't be seen that easily. Mr Craig had just started began writing on the board. When he saw me and some of the people who the bus I got, he just nodded. Most of the teachers in our school knew that our bus came in sort of late. If they didn't and asked in the usual condescending tone "Why are you late?" we would just reply "our bus was late" you can't really blame a kid for that now can you.

The rest of the day past in the same kind of slow annoying blur. Geography was good though not only did I sit next to Sophie, another one from my best friend group but I was also good at geography and I don't brag, so that's saying something.

Lunch time, and the canteen was crowded me and the girls were queuing up to get some dinner, in "our little family" as Natalie would like to say.  Our little family was made up of me, Sophie, Natalie, Robin and Ella.

Here's a little brief disruption of them, there was Ella of course, now I said I was skinny but compared to her I was chubby, she had green eyes and really long light brown hair and kind of tall, well taller than me anyways. Ella was a bit on the hyper side yet she was loyal and if any body talked about you she would tell them off, big time. 2nd of all there was Sophie she was my height or little bit taller or shorter if there was even the slightest difference to the naked eye we would always argue about it until figured out how actually was the tallest, she also had mid-length fair hair and grey/blue eyes .She was wasn't as hyper as Ella but still good craic (fun). Then there was Robin and Natalie, Robin, she had short, dark brown and Hazel eyes. She was also a little human dictionary seriously she was too smart for us and made us feel thick as a plank, but she was crazy as well some of the one liners she comes out with like "I'd you accuse of being drunk but I'm Irish"

Natalie was the smallest out of all of us yet she was the oldest, she had blonde curly length that came down to her chin and chocolate brown eyes sounds like a weird combination but she's really pretty also she's calm but never give ice cream it makes her hyper, I mean she goes clean mad. They might all tell me that I'm the best looking out of all us, I never believe them and it's not because I'm modest it's just that when ever I look in the mirror all I see is a deformed ginger Dalmatian and that's not exactly a sight for sore eyes to look at.

We were all just sitting down to our meals; when Liam and his flock came over, ugh please just make them go AWAY!

 "Well hello there" he said grinning smugly, messing every one of our brains up apart from Robin, Sophie and I, we really hated the guy

 "Hi Liam, guys" Ella chirped, Sophie and I both looked at each other and rolled our eyes at her she really did go over the top with the flirting, it was just obvious so then again her nickname was captain obvious, she was the only one out of us who didn't like hadn't read the book and watched the movie of twilight so we figured she never would and so she wouldn't figure out that we hadn't actually made up her nickname.

 "Ugh what does he want?" I whispered to Sophie disapproval dripping my voice.

"I don't know and I don't care, but I just really want him to leave" she replied

 "Do you think we can make a run for it" I said hopefully

"Maybe lets finish our food and ignore him, he might be gone by then" she winked. By the time I had just nearly finished my dinner, Liam had decided to head on he said bye to every one of individually hoping to get a flirtatious reply from all of us by the time he came round to me, I winked at her and whispered

"Just go all along with me okay" and then said out loud "see ya" in a "right your done now so just go cause I really don't care what you do" way and pretended to be in deep conversation, and turned just in time to see him frown which made me and Sophie burst into hysterics, the rest of the girls scowled at us which only us laugh even louder.


"Hey do you want to come over my house next Friday? I was sort of planning a girl's night in, Dad and Tom (Her brother) are going camping so it would just be the 5 of us, I was planning on getting a Chinese, Coke, sweets and a DVD" she said hopefully

"I'll go if she goes, I need some sanity there or else I'll be going mad by 8:00pm." I stated smiling at Sophie

 "Deffo, if your going I'm definitely going" Sophie replied

"Yay" Ella squealed right beside us making me and Sophie cringe from the pitch.

"Ella, turn it down a notch would ya" Robin said annoyed.

 "Oops, sorry guys, I didn't mean to hurt you" she muttered.

"Talk about understatement of the century" I said making us all laugh, when we had to go to our classes


Later on when we where all waiting for our bus, Ella pulled me over and cried "what on earth was that for, you damaged that boys ego big time Liz"

 I just smirked and said proudly "good it needed a bit of trimming down"

"Grrr why are you so darn stubborn, Liam was just trying to be nice to you and shun him out" she scolded

"Have seen the way strides into the class room he goes into it like was walking onto a private jet." I stated matter-of-factly

"If you looked behind the supposed good looks you would see that he is a vain, pig-headed jack-ass very clearly" I told her, along with my well known glare, which basically said "shut the hell up before I do something I regret."

 Once on the bus I put on my I-pod and found a song that suited Liam very well, called "you're so vain" sung by Carly Simon where the lyrics go:

"You walked into the party like you where walking onto a yacht."   


I got home around 4:30 that evening I saw Ben my dog outside and said in my country accent "hello sunshine" making him run over to greet me in his dog way, I called him sunshine all time, actually I called everybody sunshine its sort of like my catchphrase, that's what he is to me, although he's a bit on scruffy and small side but he's still a wee (small) angel so I didn't care to be honest.

I came in and saw mum and dad going over some forms and stuff must be that time of the month, I never really paid attention to any of those things they just confused me as soon as I got past the name, age and address bit

"Ouch" I cried, dropping the cup of hot chocolate at the same time which thankfully split away from me.

"Lizzie" my dad said in exasperation "what made you drop the hot chocolate, did it go over hand or what?" He looked at me not really concerned at all.

"No it was just a growing pain" I murmured nonchalantly, blowing it off yeah right, a growing pain that sometimes feels as if you touched an electric fence. Mum threw dad a questioning look, to which he just nodded.

"Sit down sweetie" she said in a suspiciously calm voiced, you see was always very....... Cautious and always worried about things that she didn't need to fret over so when she had spoken calmly I had to think something's up, what else was I supposed to think seriously this was a woman who got upset over me just because I was having the hiccups when I was little.

"What's up Mum" I said whilst sitting down in the chair opposite hers.

"You've been having these..... Growing pains for a while now" she said kindly

"Yeah almost 6 months now, ever since my Birthday, I've been having them, non-stop, there usually are just like an old growing pain I've actually getting used to them but every now and again they'd get really sore but it doesn't last long though, about half an hour" as I said this, I swear I felt lighter and the pain actually started to numb but as it did, it began to start in my thighs.

"But it's also in my legs....." I muttered anxiously, knowing whatever was going to come now would change me and my life. But whatever it was I seriously did not want to know, I liked my life I didn't it to change, like I had friends and stuff, like I knew my life would change eventually but I knew this was going to my life, big time.

"Alright Lizzie" said Dad pulling me out of reverie "there's something we need to tell you ... We knew this day would come but we dreaded it." claimed dad in his teacher voice obviously trying to calm me but only made more nervous, making me restless. Mum took over from him because she could clearly she me getting nervous at the way he was saying what ever he was trying to say.

"Lizzie, no matter what we will always love you okay." Mum said gently- okay that did not sound good.

"Lizzie..... You're adopted."

The End

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