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Went down to the cafe today to work on my story and couldnt write. Possibly due to over tiredness. Decided instead to just start writing and see where the words would take me. Now its your turn! This is nothing too serious, rather just an exercise in writing without planning and letting the story lead you where it wants to go.

They said I should tell my story. I never thought my story was that remarkable. I don’t think anyone ever steps out of themselves and says “Oh shit! My life should be put into a book!”


But if Im going to tell my story, I need to tell you how it all began. Otherwise none of this is going to make sense. For a start, let me say that Im not the hero here. I did what anyone would have done. The real hero is golian. What I did was easy, but what he did, I couldn’t have.


It was the 24th day of the 12th dictum, the coming of the new age was on the horizon, only 3 eons away. 3 suns had passed since I was born, and I was splashing around down by sphere falls. The sunspark trout were playful today, nibbling on my toes, then dashing and darting away into deeper waters, where it was safe, whenever I reached down to give them a little tickle. The pygmy bears were grazing around lazily on the opposite bank, and their crimson purple fur was shimmering in the afternoon sun like royal opal gems. As they did most days in the warmer season, they had descended to the forest floor for a drink and a bit of a roll around in the soft beach sand, and pretty soon they would all start making their way back to the tops of the hurra trees where it was safe to spend the night.


This is the point at which golian, along with his dad Jarid came into my life. They emerged from the forest bordering the opposite riverbank, scattering the pygmy bears, who uttered a sharp bark as they ran off to indicate their annoyance at being disturbed. Golian was 6 years old, and already sported the stripped down physique of a nomadian warrior, though he still wasn’t old enough to have developed any of the muscles that would eventually line his entire body.

The End

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