Dear Victoria

Ceres was born on February 24th 1889 and should have died in 1918. However by some fluke she has become an immortal witch and had to endure decades of different Earths and a miserable life.

23rd January 1901

Dear Victoria?

I highly doubt this letter will get to you now in heaven. I simply wanted to tell you, if you do not know,  you died yesterday. I know no other person who is dead; I suppose that is lucky (that's what my mother tells me). I wanted to ask, what is it like to die?

I know that after death you are an angel in Heaven but I don't know you can get from being dead on the ground to flying in Heaven. What I meant is how does your soul fly, if it is trapped in your body all your life? Why doesn't it fly about and do a dance when it's bored? How long does it take? Sorry if you are still not in the sky yet.

I tried asking my mother and she said 'Well I'm alive, so how would I know?' and my father said 'Ceres, you are not yet twelve, that is a long way ahead.' I think that is a bit silly.

 Oh dear I hope she can't read the crossed out

Stop rambling

My parents also wish you are fine in Heaven. My father says that you were a good queen to last so long but my mother says why won't you give her the vote .

Yours faithfully  sincerely faithfully,

Miss Ceres Alder

P.S. I know my name is odd- it is pronounced 'seris' and it is from a play called the tempest which I have seen. Ceres is a fairy but I am not I cannot fly and I am not magic.

P.P.S what is a vote anyway

The End

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