The girl looks up at her sister for reassurance. She flinches each time her parents throw disgusting words at one another and each time she slowly cowards away from the scene. "Count to to ten" her sister says, "They'll be done fighting by then. I promise". And at one her father admitted the late nights at work were to get away from the household. Two, her mother screamed as if she was grasping for air. At three is when her father slammed his fist on the counter, where for a split second there was silence. But then at four her mother laughed. She laughed at her father's face which seemed to aggravate him the most, the laughter belittled the father. Five..six..her mother says she never wanted kids...seven...and still doesn't want them. At eight they both say they want to leave. At nine the yelling becomes so unbearable that the girls cover their ears and wait for something catastrophic to happen. And then finally at 10 they hear a large thud and silence. "I told you to count to ten. See. They're done fighting" 

The End

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