Case 3.3

“Excuse me.” Howard said as he was rising from his chair. “My assistant and I need to talk outside.” He then grabbed Dona and went out the door.

“Since when was I your assistant!?!” Dona said in anger.

“Just look at what he wrote down.” Howard gave the slip to her.

“So?” After a quick glance. “What’s the big deal?”

“Check his name.”

“‘Andrew Thomas’”

“And what was he caught with?”


“See where I’m going with this?”

“You don’t think he was responsible for the burning down the theater, do you?”

“A timid kid like that? Not likely, but I think he might be the link to the case.”

“Maybe one of his so-called ‘friends’ did it.”

“Possibly, but something like this seems out of the league for a couple of punks. Because, as you remember, the culprit branded the word ‘Andrew‘ on the movie screen and left before any officer was able to noticed him or her.”

“So... What do you suggest?”

“It’s possible that someone is trying to frame him; which is why I’ll need full surveillance of his activities.”

“You mean spy, on him!” Dona yelled in disgust.

“Dona, I don’t know exactly what we are dealing with here, but I need to do whatever it takes to find out.”

“But its immoral and probably illegal.”

“I’m doing this for the safety of the city. Especially Andrew, who might have been unnecessarily dragged into this.”

“Howard.” She whined.

“Call the kids parents,” He said while walking towards the front door. “I’ll have a surveillance team ready by tomorrow.” By now he was opening the door.

“Howard can you please thing this over? I mean seri-” Pausing before she finished, confused at what she was looking at.

“Dona?” Standing still on the steps in front of the building; Howard tilted his head up in bewilderment. “What month is it?”

“... August.”

“Remind me what city we are in right now.”

“... San Francisco.”

“Dona...Why is it snowing?”

The End

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