Case 3.2

Howard opened the doors to the dimly lit interrogation room with a face so grumpy that people might mistake him as the famous cartoon dwarf.

“Alright punk, let’s get this over with.” He said to the timid adolescent, cowardly shrugging in his chair.

“Howard don’t go too hard on him, please.” Dona followed behind him.

“Dona please don’t interrupt me.” Now talking to her.

“Well excuse me, your grouchiness.” Irritatingly.

“Please, just let me handle this.”

“You haven’t even looked at the report yet.”

“Well the Chief just handed this over to me three minutes ago, so I knew I wouldn’t have enough time to review the report.”

“But you don’t even know what he did.”

“That’s why I’m interrogating him.”

Finally Dona gave up. “Fine, just do what you do best.”

“With pleasure.” He said as he pulled up a chair to the table and directed the conversation back to the kid. “So... Which Officer brought you in?”  

“Officer Stewart, Sir.” The teen said with the same nervous look he had when the two came in.

“Oh, Officer Stewart. He is a good man. Do you know why he brought you in?”

The boy gave a deep sigh before answering. “For vandalism.”

“Really. What type of vandalism?”

“... Graffiti.”

“Ah. That’s very common with kids your age. I see them all the time... Some stranger than others.” Heavily implying an old and familiar case. “So where were you when this happened?”

“By the subway station on 24th street. I was with a couple of my friends at the time.”

“And you were he only one that got caught?”

“Well they ran ahead and I couldn’t keep up.”

“Friends that ran away and ditch you aren’t your friends, kid.” Howard then grabbed a form, that was already laying on the table, and positioned it in front of the teen. “I need you to fill out and sign this, kid. It’s basically a permission form that grants us the right to  call your parents in to pick you up. I would recommend signing it, unless you want to spent the night in one of our jail cells.”

The boy eventually signed the form and handed it back to Howard. He then glanced at the paper and found something very intriguing.

The End

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