Case 2.3

Time: 4:25 AM

Location: San Francisco Police Department


Head Chief Craig Phillips was sitting at his paper covered desk trying to fill out some reports and signing a least three dozen forms.

“...And there!” He said to himself while slamming his overworked pen down on his desk. “Only three more reports and then I can start work on signing the police reports.” Then he surveyed the mess that was his desk and gave a very tiresome sigh. “I don’t know about this job. They told me ‘Craig, you will be the head of Justice and Lead the police force to a better city’. What a load of Bull! All I ever do is paper work and tell officers what cases to work on, which isn’t what I expected to do for a living.”

The Chief’s train of thought was halted when he heard some noises coming from outside the room. Which is odd because he was the only person who was scheduled to work this early today. He pushed everything aside and curiously slipped out of his office. Checking the hallway before entering, the Chief followed the noise. It sounded like the shifting of boxes and the sound of a television turning on.

His search ended when he reached the Tech room, which contained a series of video recording machines, boxes and at least three televisions. The department uses this room to record any suspicious showings over the air. Usually people don’t try to hack the airways for their own good, but the department also uses the room as a backup station just in case the local television channels are disrupted. Though the Chief wasn’t surprised when he saw who was fiddling with the machinery.

“Howard, what are you doing here?”

“I’m looking for something.” Howard replied, not even properly greeting his boss and continued to stare at the television screen.

“And what might that be?”

“There was a strange video that appeared on the airway around a quarter pass three this morning.”

“…And you suspect the machine caught this? Howard you do know the machines aren’t on twenty four seven, you might be looking for a lost cause.”

“I know, but I remembered that you sometimes use the recording machine to tape some of your CSI shows.”

“What!?!” the Chief uncomforted said in alarm. “How do you know that?”

“Please Chief; everyone in the building knows that.”

“… Do they know about my other shows that I record?”

“Yep.” Then Howard paused and pointed at the screen, “Ok here it is.”

They both stared at the screen waiting for the image that Howard saw earlier…

…But all that appeared was the regular showing of CSI Seattle. No static, no white noise, no strange image of the fog covered snowy plane. Nothing.

“I-I don’t understand” Howard stuttered. “Th-there was video of a man and a woman running with their child through the snow, and then they were shot from behind. Though it wasn’t suppose to be there.”

“Howard it was late and you must have thought that you saw something on your television because you were too tired. In fact you have been very busy lately and I can understand how exhausted you must be.”

“I wasn’t seeing things, Chief!” starring in the Chief’s eyes in all seriousness. “I know what I saw!”

“Howard just drop it.” He then turned and started to walk back to his office, then called back to say; “Since you’re here so early you can help me with some paper work.”

Howard then turned toward the television screen. By now the credits to CSI Seattle were scrolling down. He knew what he saw earlier this morning was real, but something in his mind kept on saying that maybe it was a fluke.

Giving up, Howard gave an angry yet depressing sigh, turned off the television and then followed his boss down the hallway.

The End

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