Case 2.2

The image that formed on the screen was the blend of white and dark snow that fell on a similarly colored ground. The background was shrouded in a dark fog but it wasn’t entirely blinding. In fact Howard could see a pair of two withered trees standing close together while a smaller one stood at the other side of the screen.

Howard clicked the “Information” button but couldn’t get the function to show. He then tried to change the channel, but no matter how many times he tried it showed the same thing.

Then two human figures ran from one side of the screen and raced to the other as if they were being chased. One of them resembled a woman while the other appeared to be carrying a smaller person. There was no point in trying to exam what was happening because immediately after the figures appeared a burst of flashes flickered and then they fell to the ground.

For a moment they all laid there motionless, but then the smaller person struggled out of the arms that carried her. Then she stood up and looked down at the other two.

A moment later three bright spot lights brighten the scene and revealed the horrible truth. There laid the image of a man and a women shot in the back while a young little girl stood over them crying in the shivering snow. Then the sound of a dozen men stormed in…

…After that the screen went back to the white and black static…

The End

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