Case 2.1

Case 2

Location: Howard’s Apartment

Date: July 21, 2009

Time: 3:10 AM

Description: Off Duty


Howard gave a very tiresome sigh and then gave the television remote another click.


His room went black for a split second, then the white mesh of colors once again brighten the poorly decorated room. He couldn’t sleep for some reason and decided to exhaust his eyes so he could get some rest for work tomorrow. Work has been quite busy lately at the police department. Two weeks ago he had to deal with a murder case over at pier 41, and then three days ago he had to fill out a bunch of paper work for an arrest warrant. It seemed as if no matter how difficult his job gets he always seems to be on top of it.

However he has still yet to figure out who was behind the attempted arson at the Golden Gate cinema. He interviewed every employee, surveyed the area within a mile radius and searched every nook and cranny for a hint of a clue. After all that searching he found absolutely nothing. The building was even surrounded by at least fifteen cop cars that night and the officers didn’t even see a single person leave during the fire.

All that he and his team could find was the burnt word “Andrew” that marked the projection screen. A week after the event Howard dropped the issue for more important cases and the situation was classified as a prank that was inconclusive due to lack of evidence.


Now the television projected some awful science fiction movie about poorly computer animated zombified mummies in the Egyptian desert. It was one of those types of nontheatrical movies that never sustains a descent plot and doesn’t have a budget higher than 10,000 dollars.


Now Howard was watching CSI Seattle.  Frankly he never enjoyed the CSI series because it was an over the top interpretation of what he does. Though his dislike for the show has never stopped bystanders from asking annoying questions about how similar his job is compared to the cases on the show.

Though, contrary to Howard’s interests, the Chief loves the show. He finds it more humorous than Howard and always makes jokes about how the rest of the police force should step up their game to the “CSI Level”.

In fact the Chief will sometimes use the recording system at the station to record some of the CSI episodes that he missed. Along with some other late night shows…


Now he was watching some conspiracy theory show about Michael Jackson’s death.

For God’s Sakes! Howard thought irritatingly. How long are they going to talk about Michael Jackson? It has been about a month! Why can’t they talk about something more interesting? Like the failed attempt to pull troops out of the cities in Iraq or the universal healthcare bill.


There was all of a sudden white and black static image that covered the screen along with the all too familiar ‘white noise’ sound.


Nothing happened.

Oh come on! Is the satellite out again? I pay fifty bucks a month for this stupid thing and now it doesn’t work?

Howard instinctively got off his bed and walked up to the television and gave it a good whack. Technology wasn’t really his thing so his general philosophy was ‘Hit until it works, if not call the professionals’. Sure enough the image did come back, but it was rather peculiar.

The End

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