12 Months (Revised)

Meet Howard Holmes.
The best detective in the San Francisco police force.

While complaining about a late night homicide investigation, Howard stumpled on a strange phenomena that not even he could explain. After much investigation he finds no lead and is left stumped.

But it doesn't stop here. Within the next twelve months Howard Holmes will take on a series of cases that will defy explination.

And what makes matters worse is that each phenomena will continue to repeat itself every m

Case 1

Location: Golden Gate Cinema in San Francisco

Time: 11:10 PM

Date: June 21, 2009

Analysis: Suspected homicide

Just outside the old and poorly kept "Golden Gate Cinema" theater a Sudan pulled in. The car passed the police tape that blocked the city streets and parked next to the clump of cop cars that crowded the front of the building. The car door opened and detective agent Howard Holmes stepped out. With his signature brown over coat and black fedora, Howard irritatingly stormed into the entrance.

As he entered he noticed some cops spread around the lobby. They were either asking employees about the situation or surveying the building. One officer approached Howard and directed him to the main theater screen. 

He then followed the man’s directions and went inside. Yellow police tape nearly covered the old, run down theater. It seemed as if theses seats haven't seen maintance in years, Howard thought, and the ceiling doesn't look like it could hold for much longer as well. 

"Detective Holmes!" a young officer called out as he approached Howard. "Thank you for coming. Have you read the reports?" 

"No!" aggravatingly, "I was enjoying my time off when the Chief called me twenty minutes ago for some late night homicide investigation. And the city of San Francisco isn't the most pleasant drive at this time of night, either. So let’s just make this quick so I can spend the next three hours of my time off trying to sleep before I have to wake up and arrive at the police department before four in the morning!"

"I'll just let Ms. Rose inform you about the details then." Then the young officer scampered away.

Howard is not what some might depict as a modest man, however he does like to speak his mind (whither or not he cares about being a gentleman). He is 35, but sometimes acts like a 70 year old grouch. Though the man does love his job, even if he doesn't express it, and he is the best detective in the city. 

"Howard!" a familiar voice called from the front of the theater. "Howard come up here!"

It was Dona Rose. An old friend and much respected coworker of Howard. She is a very kind hearted young woman and her hair is as red as her name would suggest. 

Howard walked down the aisle and up to the projection screen.

"You know you don't have to scare the new comers like that. He was just trying to inform you about the case and all you did was yell at him like an old grouch."

"Sorry Dona, I don't have much sympathy for newbies."

"Please, you don't have much sympathy for anyone. Now come on I’ll show you the corpse." She then lead Howard to the back of the screen and presented the fallen employee. The body just laid there in a small but noticeable puddle of dark red blood. His neck was dislocated and his limbs were twisted in all the wrong ways.

"He fell" Howard blurted, "What more do you need to know?"

"We know that, but the issue is that we believe that this is a homicide, not an accident."

"What makes you believe that?"

"Well," Looking at her notes. "It is believed that a local gang likes to do business in the theater and they aren't too fond of the employees that work here. Mostly because they complain about their shady buisness. The owner, Mr. Itori, isn't aware of the gang's actions and doesn't completely believe the other employees when they complain about the deals. Now that this has happened (pointing at the corpse) Mr. Itori and the rest of the workers now immediately suspects one of the gang members pushed the man off of the metal walkway (pointing up) because of some feud and thereby killing him... Any thoughts?"

Howard paused and looked up at the metal walkway and then bent down and observed the corpse's neck and jawbone.

"Homicide doesn't look like the possible reason." Howard finally stated, "Why would a gang, which works in the shadows, kill in the same location that it does business? That would just be idiotic since the police would now have higher surveillance of the area. Also, look at the neck and jawbone. The fall is roughly 20 feet, which is enough to break the jaw and the spinal cord of the neck. However if someone were to push the man off, then the additional force would have been enough to shatter the jawbone and spine. "

After a few moments of double checking Howard's observation Dona and the other members of the investigation team, one finally shouted in amazement, "Unbelievable!"

"Good job Howard" Dona praised, "You once again solved yet another myst-" Right before she was able to finish her sentence, Howard left her sight.

The End

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