12 Lives of a Lycanthrope

Life 1: The Beginning

Tossing, turning, I slept fitfully.  My bed was soaked as usual.  I sat up looking out of the window.  Nothing to see, no light, no moon... just the sound of wind rustled leaves.

Picking out the cleanest cup in the pile of dishes, I filled it with water and set it to boil.  I pushed piles of paper and shredded clothing off the sofa.  One paper balancing on top of the pile, revealed it's contents..  I laughed at it.. silly, all the research I'd done and still, I had accomplished nothing. 

I made the mistake in the beginning of asking questions.  Too many I guess.  My family threatened to call the authorities.. 

I sipped the hot liquid, something about it made me feel safe, made me feel normal.. I was normal, I was just like everyone else, once...

The trip had been everything I'd expected.  Our guide was great and had the uncanny ability to be right there, right there when the animals were out.  He warned against going out alone.  And we did take it to heart.. we did... but..

My friend saw him first.  Beautiful, one of the largest I had ever seen.  We were concealed in a small stand of trees, so we thought.  Suddenly, he was gone.  We looked around and back at each other smiling nervously..  I suggested we go back.. too late..

I watched my friend struggle, I heard my friend scream, my friend was dragged away.  Then I heard, more than felt the ripping of my leg.  There was no time to scream, my mind only accepted thoughts of survival.  I knew I wouldn't make it far, I couldn't outrun him but, I could climb.

There was an even more painful wound for me... I was looked on with disgust, my friend was gone and the guide had to kill the animal.  It was my fault..

After returning home, still dazed, still sore, still reeling from the guilt and shame.. I decided I would do the most honorable thing. But, I was a coward.  If I had known what I had inherited, there would have been no thought, no hesitation, no tears..

A week after returning home.. I sat in my living room, staring out the window, looking at the stars, watching the clouds part.. It was like a movie, they parted slowly, they didn't move away or, slide across, they parted..  It felt like, needles.. stinging in my hands, sharp electrical pains in the bottom of my feet, I drew in deep breaths, my scalp prickled, it..itched..  I stood, only to have my legs weaken and throw me to the floor..  Wave after Wave of heat, radiated through me..

And I heard it, the sound of twigs snapping..  my bones were breaking,,, I heard it, the sound of cloth ripping, my skin split, I felt it, like hot needles.. hair sprouted all over my body, not like human hair but, grainy coarse hair, thick and long..  I tasted it, blood, from the giant teeth that pushed through my gums, I smelled the blood, the snout was highly sensitive to it..  Sound... A deep rumble, vibrating my chest, I couldn't stop it.. the howl..

A new found freedom, I bolted through the window, a hunger that led me to... I didn't know where.. instinctively, I followed the light of the full moon.. silent, perfect creature, ready for the hunt..


The End

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