The next morning, Jeff was nowhere to be found - he wasn't in his bed, in the dorm, or even hiding in the girls dorm (I asked the female prefect to go check, but apparently its spelled so a guy can't go up there!) and he wasn't at breakfast. 

"Tim, you done that History Of Magic homework?" Sam, a fellow first year who was far too friendly to be a Slytherin, asked as he walked past. 

"Nearly. I didn't really understand much about the 18th Goblin war, and I can't find Jeff to help me with it." I bit my lip nervously before taking another bite of toast. 

"Jeff? Hes over there, talking to the head of your house." Martina, the girl sat next to me said, as she pointed up to the top table where the teachers sat - Jeff and Professor Flitwick stood talking, and Flitwick looked petrified. 

"Oh. I think I know whats going on over there..." I stood up to join my brother, but Sam stopped me. 

"I need to talk to you outside first." He started towards the door of the Great Hall. I followed with unease, curious as to what Sam wanted. 

As the doors shut behind us, I turned to face Sam. "Whats up?"

Sam took a deep breath. "I know you saw Belinda get eaten last night and-"

"How the hell do you know who it was?" I stepped back - me and Jeff had been alone as far as we had known. 

"We had gone for a walk into the forest together. We're both pure bloods you see, and her parents wouldn't allow her to date a Slytherin. She wanted us to carry on in secret." Sam wiped his eye. "This thing came out of the darkness, and it dived towards us. As soon as we recognised it, we ran away. Only... Belinda dropped her glasses and ran at it. I felt it drain her life force."

I stepped backwards again. "What was it?" 

Sam opened his mouth to tell me, and there was a huge crack above us both. We looked up, and one of the huge carved suits of armor wobbled dangerously. We looked at each other again, panickstricken. "It was-" The statue fell, crushing Sam. 

"Sam!" I screamed. "Help! Somebody help, help!" I screamed like a little girl. 

"He wasn't worthy of being a Slytherin..." A ghostly whisper came from the place the statue had fallen from. It trailed away just as the teachers burst into the Entrance Hall. 

As one of the teachers guided me away, I heard two teachers muttering to each other, "Two students dead in two days. Rumours will be flying in no time."

"Aye, theres rumours flying already that they were dating in secret because her parents didn't want a Slytherin in the family."

Two days back from the Christmas holidays, and two students of my year group had died. I for one didn't consider them to be accidents at all.

The End

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