10,052: The Amissa Amatores IncidentMature

Set in the distant future. Human colonization has led to numerous planets with distinct human subspecies. This story starts on the ninth planet to be colonized since humanity reached out into space. Young man and young woman partner up to survive Interdimensional space/time phenomenon.

     " It saddens me greatly to learn of the events that have taken place in recent days on the young colony of Confrago.  A very lucky few were ever able to set eyes on the overwhelming beauty of Mardyz. My sorrow lies not in it's demise, but in the knowledge that it's rightful inhabitants spent lifetimes within reach of it's nurturing arms, only to be scattered by the very source of their hopes."

     Excerpt from correspondence between the Honorable Judge Alban Damir and the Lady Aryeh Antiope, priestess of the Comperio Conposit.


   "I've wondered recently if people did less thinking when there were fewer words to know; the amount strength in instinctual brain processes is remarkable. The eventual goal of any of the sciences is to immortalize ourselves. Our kind obsesses over the gap that separates us from the infinite. While we've gazed for millions of lifetimes, the stars have remained; feeling nothing of the awe we experience. We created time to measure our own impact on our surroundings; compartmentalizing our existence into spaces between lines. We reach desperately for anything we assume will develop us beyond a seemingly disposable species. The "wisdom and creative expressions" left by our  If the Artists of the Scheme decide the Homunes have had their run, we plan on leaving behind scars and claw marks, I can tell ya that much. Think about it, the Inphinifone contains copies of all the written histories of Homunouskind for anyone to read. Multiple compilations on different time periods are available from countless sources. Every planet's local governing body is required to maintain a certain number of libraries to stream  information about current events and cultural topics directly to an individuals In-fone. These streams are translated multiple times and backed up at the HFHG's headquarters on Xronn. These libraries also act as the mass data relay stations that allow a large number of the general populace to connect to the Media and Information Mass. With the turmoil ridden pre-CaelWurm eras and all of the combined histories of the Homunous settlements scattered across the cosmos, picking somewhere to start is next to impossible, unless you just throw yourself in." Pharamond Stavros had been rambling for awhile, but Paora Byrn knew how passionate he was about finally studying something he was interested in. "I remember feeling the same way when I started third phase. Of course I was specializing in engineering and mechanics, not something high brow like Homunistics. Watch your corner! Slow dow-Yow!" Phara jerked his carving tool away from the scarred walls of the Enthrycite mine, but not quite fast enough to toggle the safety on his Mat-lamina without first drawing some blood. "Dammit, Phara! You almost took my hand off. I told you; if you can't stay focused, I'm not letting you use this thing anymore." The old man crossed to the utility desk and found a rag to apply pressure to his now dripping hand. Phara powered down the lightly worn sword like tool by applying some light pressure under his thumb where the hilt meets the blade "Sorry Byrn, that was my fault; but you know, cutting corners a little faster like that wouldn't be a problem if you weren't so set on using such outdated blade frames." Paora Byrn shook his head, "A kid like you wouldn't understand the feel of a classic frame cutting through Enthrycite. Before all these "supreme class" science companies started mass producing over-powered hunks of shiny metal shit, miners still knew how to put a little muscle behind their cut to keep the blade in position!" Phara chuckled. Paora's aggressive, outspoken nature was one of the first things to attract Phara to this secluded hotspot of an operation on the edge of the Fugarni Wilds. "Would you mind heading over to the Soludo-Tech super facility and explaining that to their teams? For some crazy reason they continue to put up much higher numbers than we do with those over-powered hunks of shit." Paora balled up the now damp scrap and hurled it full into Phara's face. He could smell the sharp almond hint in the blood of his fellow Confrageon. Crumpling the mass, he returned it to his assailant who calmly side-stepped as the rag fluttered to the floor. Paora scoffed "They've also got haul-pods and hover-dollies but you don't see me complaining when I have to push all this raw material out of here on worn out pulse carts. You've got to learn to use what's available to you at it's proper potential or else..." Phara cut in having heard this speech most of his life, "...I'll be no better off than the proto-humans, sapping the life out of everything around me. Geez, and I thought history class was bad." Every young Confrageon, in fact, every person of a certain age on every planet in Homunous Space knew the histories of the now disjointed and genetically hyper-extended humans. The species that looked to space to prevent the annihilation of their kind and blaze a path towards a prosperous future for all forms of life on their planet. As it is with all good science though, unknown variables made their impact apparent over the course of time, and now nine distinct sub-species of the original Homo Sapiens struggle to maintain a balance of prosperity and exploration in the post-CaelWurm era. "Let's hurry up and finish these last few slabs. I'm supposed to meet up with Guto while he's on his break." Paora began ambling back to the work space but lost his footing and crashed into the mine cart with a painful grunt. "You alright there Byrn? I wouldn't think a small gash like that would get you light headed so quickly." Phara laughed lightheartedly as he stooped over to help the old timer to his feet."And you think I'm the one who needs to be careful? One of these days I know I'm going to find you out here lying face down in your cart with a whole load of slabs on top of you." Paora grinned and gave Phara a wink, "Now wouldn't that be an easy death." Phara truly did worry about his old friend. Paora was almost 183 solar years old, while being a little closer to 97 in their own system. If his body showed anywhere near the same amount of energy as his comebacks and snide remarks then Phara wouldn't give it a second thought, but Paora had seemed especially lethargic lately, and living this close to untamed lands was dangerous for anyone. "You know what Byrn, why don't you head back up to your place. I'll finish these last few cuts and load the slabs before heading back across the rift." Paora, never one to turn down an early return to his tinkering, set off towards the entrance. "Thanks kid, dock your drifter in the cave when you stop by next week. I've been working on something I could use your help with and would really prefer not losing a limb trying to give you mining tips" His words began to echo and fade as he walked farther up the tunnel. "Whatever you say," Phara shouted before re-engaging his Mat-Lamina. The Enthrycite's cool smooth edges showed how well Paora knew his tools, the last slab was a touch too large, but that had been on purpose, the resulting injury however, was not. Phara had wanted some extra scrap to power the frame that he'd been trying to modify. The blade wasn't adhering to the frame for more than eight or ten minutes at a time, and he hoped that increasing the cell capacity might give him more use when disconnected from a power source.     


The End

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