"I haven't played the piano for a long time actually, I have just started to play again" I responded, paused for a while and cleared my throat "You are the performer right? I love how you play the piano!"
"Haha, thank you! I have seen you around here twice,I think so." He replied "Im sorry, my name's Daniel"
He shook my hand and smiled politely. Who couldn't fall in love with that smile? He was admireable and captivating, and I actually did not notice that until he presented himself to me.
"Well, I can help you any time you want...although you seem very talented already" he flattered

I just looked at him with the biggest, phoniest smile in the whole world. I was not ready to be myself, I was acting to be a nicer person. Also, I knew that I was not a good pianist after all, I can't believe how fake I can get to be.
"Hey, what if I invite you to my recital on friday? It'll be nice to see you there" he continued

He was talking all this time and I was not listening to him, what an idiot I am. Sometimes I wish that I haven't replied to him at all.
"What's your name? I'm sorry I haven't asked" he started to look nervous

Oh...what an uncosiderated person I am. I felt I was about to cry.
"I'm sorry, I was thinking about some problems. My name is Flora. Flora Houlitzer. I'm so sorry, pardon for acting so indifferent" I started vomiting the words out without even thinking about it.
"Hahaha, it's ok, I also do such things when I'm tired" Daniel responded. I was dying to call him Danny, like my high-school friend's name; how nostalgic.
Do I actually look tired? Oh god, I think I must look like a zombie, I must leave.
"Daniel Savatt, by the way. If you want to find me, it'll be easier" he smiled and winked twice with such tranquilty; he looked so gorgeous.
"Alright, I must be going now. I am actually very tired as you noticed" I replied with desperation.

I quickly left the scene, forgetting about Sam. Until Daniel came running after me. I thought he came to me to kiss me good-bye or something that would be stereotypical in a romantic novel, but...
"Hey! This girl's been looking for you like crazy" he shouted "the good thing's that she's a brave little girl"
It was Sam, she was running like mad towards me screaming. I felt like a total idiot, how can I be so irresponsible, especially in front of such a divine person?
"What's the matter with you? You forgot about me, I was surrounded by strange-looking people!" Sam accused me without mercy.
"I did not know you had a sister" Daniel suddenly commented "unless she's your daughter"
"No! No she's not my daughter, she's my nephew" I corrected his statement with nervousness. What a phony liar I am!
He looked at me with a look of "Alright, I get it" and then shook my hand.
"Well, see you this friday in the Jazz bar; Gerogio" he reminded me, I certainly won't forget at all.

I returned home exhausted. I was so shocked by the way he suddenly presented himself to me.
"That was so embarrassing" Sam commented
"Sam, please don't say anything, I'm not in the mood" I pleaded
"I know that you like him, you act nervously around him, and I was watching you guys from the distance" Sam said "Calm down, I won't tell him, but please...Please let me help you?"
"Sam, you want to help me in what? You're just a kid!" I presumed
"Well, you see. I have a long list of dreams and hopes for the future that I want to achieve" she continued "and well, one of the wishes is to become a matchmaker, like Emma in Jane Austen's novel"

The End

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