A week later, things are quite as normal as before. Everything became a routine; including the fact that I was now working in the patisserie and that Sam was living with me. I became so attatched to her even though it has been a short period of time. She would treat me as her sister and sometimes she would serve as my therapist. Anyhow, I've been playing piano since then and I noticed that I had lost many of my skills. Everyday I would remember the magnificent performance of that anonymous man. I craved that position. To perform in front of so many cult and educated people.

It did not take long before I went to attend another show. This time, I took Sam with me and I presented myself in a much formal way. It was about seven PM and everyone was whispering. The stage was as beautiful as before; glittery floor with rouge velvety curtains. The piano was again in the middle; it was impecable. Suddenly, the noises and whispers muted. Everyone automatically faced the stage and crossed their legs elegantly. It was almost robotic,machinelike. Quite interesting, nevertheless spine-chilling.

A distinctive man enterred the stage; very formally dressed indeed but contemporanious in its own original way -I won't describe him, because I want you guys to imagine for yourself an outfit like that-. He turned around and I realized he was the same man I saw last week. With no other action left to do he went and sat down. He raised his hands and rolled up his sleeves to uncover his bony and long fingers; looked quite delicate but masculine at the same time. He began with a set of dramatic chords. As the song evloved, I realized it was a modern -and faster- version of Nat King Cole's "Unforgettable". This song actually brought many memories of those chaotic days during the world war. I would listen to it everyday.

The anonymous stoood up with passiona nd began singing with this soulful feeling. How dramatic and inspiring! I was amazed by such infatuation. 

  Later on, I took Sam back home and found myself back in the bar. I just stayed there sitting in the dark and nobody was watching. I was the only one sitting whilst the others were at the bar drinking and socializing. I craved to be there; to play the piano and sing with my heart. 

"Why don't you try it?" I heard a voice behind me.

I turned around and I was shocked. It was the anonymous performer! 

The End

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