Driftless dilemmas

Once again, I started to reflect about this situation. I would agreeably accept to regain my piano skills. However, it would take a long time to get to the level I was five years ago. And surprisingly I still owned my piano. It was placed somewhere in the attic with a thick grey cloth covering it and many boxes on top of it (too lazy to unpack) with a probability of having some creeping spiders of different sizes and shapes in unknown places (I am actually very paranoiac when it comes to insects). I felt grateful of even having the idea of taking the piano with me to New York.

Hopefully, there was only one spider found and it was incredibly small in comparison to my estimation. I builded a tower of boxes just besides the piano and lifted the cloth. As I analyzed the piano's condition I couldn't believe my eyes. The piano was amazingly preserved and there were just some keys that were untuned. Therefore I proceeded to call a music store and ask them to amend my piano's imperfections.

With nothing left to do I headed to the streets and looked for a sustainable job. I could easily serve as a waitress or a shop assistant. I just had to take any job as I was living on a budget. But then there was a sweet scent in the air. Oh of course it was, the irresistible aroma of pastry. I turned around and saw a colorful patisserie decorated mainly with pastel colors. I did not care if they wanted someone to employ, I just went inside with a sense of desperation. Once inside, I guided myself towards the shopkeeper (or what it seemed to me the shopkeeper).

"Good afternoon. My name is Flora, may I request a working position in this patisserie?" I began with a formal tone and presentation of myself.

"I'm sorry, I am not the owner of this store." responded the anonymous, "Missis Rivera would always visit the shop every day at five thirty PM. She owns this patisserie, you should return at that time."

With quite exhaustion I gave my gratitude to the employee and headed back home. Whilst I walked I heard some steps behind me, however it had quite a quick pace in comparison with mine. I was shocked as I turned around and figured out that it was Samantha.

"Guess what! I ran away from home" she exclaimed with joy.

"What?! Are you crazy? Where are you planning to stay? A girl of your age needs food and care and education and all of those daily necessities." I desperately responded.

"Hey! I should stay with you (facepalm), I like you and maybe we can get to be friends" then she added: "I've always wanted a big sister" she winked at me and smiled.

"This can't be agreeable. I do not have enough income for both of us. Are you lost? I can guide you back home if you tell me you address." And that was my failed idea of changing of subject.

"It'll be fun, I'll return home only after my mother accepts her defeat." she replied with a calmed tone, quite persuasive tone.

I felt responsible for her acts so I accepted her offer. She then became my follower in every task I did. She watched the instrument technician do the maintenance to the piano and seemed as if she was praising the man in some way. Maybe she'll become a musician in the future who knows.

I returned to the patisserie with Samantha as my companion. Mrs. Rivera was a short, corpulent woman. I would say that she was in her middle ages. She had quite an attractive smile and a comforting personality. Her facial features were gentle and her hair consisted on black locks with an uncovered forehead (every strand of hair was clipped to the back of her head).

"Welcome! How can I serve you?" she began.

"Oh please! I need a job, I am actually living on a budget and...how can I help you? I'll do whatever, I am a good worker" I interrupted her with rather despair.

Suddenly Samantha appeared besides me and waved her hands - she was quite short to be seen behind the counter.

"Good evening. I'm Samantha, her baby sister" she pointed at me and continued: "We lost our parents in a car accident and now we have to survive on our own."

"What are you doing?!" I whispered to her with anger.

"Calm down, I can handle this. Watch and learn." she whispered back

Mrs. Rivera showed to be a sentimental lady. She looked at us with sorrow and said that maybe I could help her with the cleansing of the patisserie. I accepted the offer and marched out of the store with fussiness. I cannot accept or comprehend such conducts. Maybe I should teach her some morals, this will be definitely worth the while. 

The End

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