1000 reasons to love me

Situated in between the 1930's and 1940's. After a tragic family event disheartened Flora, she is decided to move to america and emerge from those bitter memories that torment her every day. However, as the memories lingered inside of her, she is able to meet someone who will for sure restore her happiness. Flora is also encouraged to retake piano lessons, which she abandoned 5 years ago and soon recovers the passion of performing. Will she fall in love with him, or just admire him as a piano te

"Moving on", a phrase that I never thought that I would actually use. April fool's day and I am in New York searching for a job and a new life. Whilst walking here a there I would think of how my life was evolving. Having spent about half of my life in Peru, with bad memories of my father tormenting my days. How would I forget such cruelty? Such selfishness...

"I'm innocent, I never did anything to hurt him" I could hear my mother's soothing voice as her face slowly disappeared to the most obscure corner of my mind.

"I will never forget you" I whispered to myself.

"Forget who?" someone suddenly replied.

I turned around and saw two Bambi glossy eyes with green tones. Freckles covering the so called "T zone" and skin replicating a pale procelain texture. Her cheeks were covered with a delicate rose colour and her lips had an orangey colour with a diffused pink. I would say she had about 13 years old.

"Oh please do tell me! Forget who?" the child exclaimed.

"My mother" I replied with no doubt. I had no shame of my intimate thoughts and at this point I was not feeling confident on lying to such an innocent little girl. She looked so reliable...

"Then you must love her quite a lot" she interrupted my interior thoughts.

"Well of course, why not?" I responded.

"I don't like momma. She's as mean as Tania the rag doll" she remarked

"Tell me, who's Tania the rag doll?" I asked with concern. I was surprisingly interested in what the conversation was heading to. I wanted to know the reason she hated her mother.

"Tania is the name of my best friend's rag doll." she answered emphasizing the doll's name with disgust. "She never lets me spend time with my friend! She steals my friend away." then her expression saddened. She seemed so weak and her face reddened. I wasn't sure of what to do, so I changed of subject.

"So... what's your name?" I hurried.

"Samantha is my name, what's yours, miss?" she proudly responded.

"My name's Flora" I replied with indifference as if it wasn't great deal.

"I like your name, it's quite unique" she said with a quite surprised tone.

At that moment I got a sudden flash back of my mother talking to me; "Lovely child, your name fits you very well. You are as pretty as a flower, and that is why I chose that name for you". I could still hear her voice clear and strong in my ears just as if she were there.

Unexpectedly, a spark produced thanks to the sun's reflection on a car's shiny metallic surface interrupted my oppressive memories. Thankfully, it ended as the best alarm to wake me up from my depressing daydreams.

I turned and figured out that Samantha was not there anymore. Feeling solitary, I kept on with my mission of finding a suitable job for me. "Performer needed" a sign with a messy calligraphy outside a bar was definitely seeking for my attention. "What type of performance?" I thought to myself. "Hmm, let's see, I'm actually good at singing and no doubt that I know how to dance to some extent".

Without any doubt I opened the front door and invited myself inside the bar. There was a stage lit by blue tones of light and the floor was made of shiny glossy black wooden planks. All around, a peaceful public with a quiet attitude and in the center of the stage, a piano. Quite a piano it was, for it had a long tail and decorated with wooden carved swirls and flowery patterns. It was varnished colour black and had metallic features at each foot. And the performer...Oh what a great performance he delivered! He was playing a jazzy styled piece and he showed great enthusiasm. The performer was a young man with a wild personality. I was intrigued about him. Who was he?

I started to imagine myself sitting there whilst playing piano and singing with my soul. I pictured myself in his position and smiled. With a great fascination I grabbed a seat and watched the performance continue.

The End

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