Iris is a 19 year old girl, ready to live a long and happy life. But when she suddenly falls ill and is diagnosed with leukimia, she knows she doesn't have much time left. She makes a list of 100 things she wants to do before she dies, and her boyfriend Samson helps her to live her short life to the fullest.

I watched as she danced around the meadow, sweeping her hands through the tall grasses and basking in the sunlight. She laughed and laughed until she cried, and then she ran towards me, leaping into my arms. Suddenly her smile faded into a look of concentration. I said nothing and allowed her to think while I studied every aspect of her face. Her eyes were the same bright blue color as the sky on a sunny day, like today. Her skin was smooth and fair, flushed with bright pink from the heat. Freckles were lightly sprinkled over her button nose. Her lips were chapped, courtesy of her habit of licking them when she wasn't busy chatting away about whatever happened to be on her mind. A soft breeze blew by, moving a strand of her sun-kissed blonde hair across her face. I moved before she could and pushed it back into it's proper place, running my hair through her hair. She gazed up into my eyes and smiled, then leaned forward to kiss me.

I closed my eyes, holding back my tears. There wasn't much time left. Soon she would become another memory and I would become alone.

The End

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