a little intro.

Evangeline never stayed in one place for too long.

She was always traveling, meeting new people and doing new things. She was only twenty, but she had lots to do. 100 things, to be exact.

It started when she was twelve and three quarters. Her grandmother had recently passed away, and since then she had been reflecting on life. Grandma Marie had lived for eighty-nine years, but she hadn't ever traveled or had any adventures like she had always dreamed of. And that's when Evangeline started her list of things to do before she died.

She wanted her life to be interesting and worth living. She wanted to go places and learn new things and go on adventures. And the list was a promise to herself that after she graduated high school and moved out, she would have a life as such.

When she was eighteen, she went to college for a few months. Why? Because on her list, she had only put 'go to college'. And she had went to college. Check. Throughout the rest of that year, she focused mainly on being able to function on her own. That was definitely an adventure in itself.

When she turned nineteen, she wrote and published a book. Check. Though it wasn't a best-seller, it was very successful and she put the money away for a vacation. After she had done that, she traveled all over the U.S., spending about a week in almost every state.

And before she knew it, it was February 14th, her twentieth birthday.

This is where her story really begins.


The End

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