6. Jumping onto Chiron’s back is never appropriate.

“Argh!” Chrion yelped as he felt something heavy leap onto his back.

“Giddyup, horsey!” Connor cried gleefully. Chiron glanced back over his shoulder, a bemused expression on his face. Connor looked back with puppy-dog eyes.

“Ugh, fine.” Chiron sighed. Before long, a huge queue stretched across Camp Half-Blood, each person hoping for a pony-ride too.

7. Percy will never eat fish. Period.

“Come on Percy!” Thalia grinned. Annabeth was laughing and Grover stood there chuckling.

“I am NOT going to eat something that comes from the sea.” He said firmly.

“Yeah, but your heads already full of kelp. Doesn’t that count as harming sea life?” Annabeth giggled. Percy glared at her before saying,

“My head is NOT full of kelp and I am NOT eating it!” He said, gesturing towards the plate of fish that Thalia was holding.

“In that case Percy, you leave us with no choice.” Annabeth sighed as she stepped forwards, took some fish from the plate and took another step towards a now slightly frightened Percy.

“Here comes the aeroplane!” She said, pushing it towards his mouth.

“Am I on the aeroplane?” Percy asked as the piece of fish got closer.

“Um, yes?” Annabeth replied.

“In that case, here comes Zeus’s lightening bolt!” Percy said, swatting the fish away with his hand.

“Haha, you killed yourself!” Annabeth grinned whilst the others laughed.

“You win...” Percy groaned.

8. Under no circumstances should you reminisce with Clarisse.

“Hi Clarisse” Percy said.

“Hi Prissy.” Clarisse replied, seeing the mischievous glint in his eye and glaring at him.

“Do you remember that time I covered you in toilet water?” He asked.

“Why you little punk! I’m gonna ki-"

“Ah, good times.” Percy said before walking off. Clarisse headed back to her cabin, fuming. She would get him back one day. And then he’d be begging for mercy...

9. Never tell Drew that Paramore is better than Justin Bieber.

“EEK!” Drew screamed as she walked into the Aphrodite cabin.

“What is it, Drew?” Thalia asked innocently, poking her head around the door. Drew - shaking in shock - pointed towards her now vandalised posters of Justin Bieber. 

“Hmmm, they seem to say: Paramore rules and JB drools and that Paramore is way better than him. I wonder who did that?” Thalia fake-wondered. At that moment, Annabeth walked in, a fake-shocked expression on her face. Just then, Drew noticed that there were sharpies in both of their pockets and that they were trying hard not to laugh.

“Why you little freaks! How could you?” Drew screamed.

“Come ON Drew! Paramore is WAAYY better than him!” Thalia cried, exasperated.

“It’s true.” Annabeth agreed.

“Get out!” Drew fumed, “The doors over there."

10. ALWAYS recycle if Grover’s around.

Percy picked up the fake note from Kronos and put it in the bin.

“Percy Jackson! How could you do that?!” Grover exclaimed.

“Do what?” Percy asked, confused.

“Not recycle!” Grover explained, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“Oh. Sorry, G-Man.” Percy said, picking up the paper and putting it in the recycling bin.

“Sorry? Do you have any idea how many trees are killed for paper?!” Grover said.

Here we go Percy thought, as he prepared himself for a LONG lecture...

The End

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